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18 Yrs Old, 5'7", 165 Pounds, 15% Bodyfat. First Cycle Advice?

Hello, I’m 18 & planning to start my first cycle. Before giving me any advice about how I should not do any steroids at my age just know that I did alot of research and I have been thinking about It for about a year. I was fat before starting going to the gym and doing boxing, lost 35kg in 6months (from 100kg to 65kg) and started bulking/cutting every year (broscience ik). Now I’m 75kg or 165Lbs for 170cm/5’7 at 15% bodyfat. Im looking to recomp or gain 5-10lbs of clean muscle while cutting fat. Looking to add more muscle to my abs & arms because they are weakpoints and get a physique similar to Jeremy Benduia. I did alot of training splits past 4 years of training and the one that I like the most is a brosplit. I used to eat really clean but that was not sustainable right now I do flexible dieting eating majority of my calories as clean foods. I do not smoke or drink but I store fat easily.
I will be doing a 8 weeks Test E cycle at 300mg/week, injecting 150mg on monday and thrusday. Will be upping the dose when I feel like to do so.
Starting HCG at week 3, 250iu twice a week
I have airmidex and aromasin on hand in case I have estrogen issues.
for pct I will start it 7-10 days after last injection, nolvadex 40/20/20/10/10/10
Workout plan:
tuesday: boxing, chest-triceps
thursday: boxing, back-biceps
saturday: boxing, legs (mostly plyos)
sunday: arms and cardio
will be doing abs after each workout

Can you guys give me good advice regarding the cycle I plan to do, am I missing something or is there something that I can improve?

Best advice: don’t do it.

Your “research” was garbage. There is numerous things wrong with this “cycle”

Oh ya and your to young and your stats are not that of someone who should cycle.

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You’ve clearly been hit in the head too many times already. When did 300mg/week become a cycle? That’s going to put you at normal 18 year old levels. Is there something stupider and more counter-productive you could do at the moment? You haven’t thought this through at all. Go work out. Put some time into understanding that. And then look up “Bro-science”, you don’t know what that actually means either.

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I knew the cycle was wrong once I glanced over the text and read that lol

“Before telling me not to fly this plane just know that I’ve read a lot about flying and have been thinking about it for a year. Now with that in mind please explain to me how to fly so that I can take this new 737 Max 8 for a spin.”


Don’t do it man. I also did a cycle at 18 with far more research (at least thats what it seems like, no offense), and I still regret it. I could’ve done so much better, but also don’t know what I’ve done to myself long term. I was already jacked when I had started, and probably gained like 5 lbs of muscle at best. Not worth it. We already have so much natural test anyway.


mybad y’all idk why I wrote 18 ahahahaha I’m 20 actually -.- instead of telling me that I should not do It or that this cycle is garbage can you give me tips/advice. thanks

You changing your age doesn’t change any of the advice you just got.

Are you going to to be 30 next? Just curious


Think this is the 100th+ time I’ve seen this sort of thread this year, is this site is now tied in to some facebook group for retards???

Anyway OP, Run through proven programs off this site as below and will make huge progress at your age, no gear needed…


The tips/advice are “you should not do it” and “this cycle is garbage”. You’re asking people to tell you that 2+2=5. Don’t be pissed when they can do the math.

165 lb at 5’7 is pretty good? What are people on about.

300mg will be supraphysiologic

However you haven’t done enough research and you’re terribly young

well your gonna do it so number one thing is 8 weeks is way to short , you havnt researched even remotely enough . you wont see anything for 5-6 weeks , so then you have two weeks to really take advantage . go research a lot more , a lot a lot . and im trying to be easy going and fair wth you bud

My advice: don’t do it.

Since you’re young and possibly dumb and you’ll do it anyways:

Bump up your dosage to at least 500 mg, cause 300 just won’t get you much above where you should be right now naturally.

Increase your cycle length to 12 weeks. 8 weeks is too short to get the most benefit from long ester test.

Take out the HCG, you won’t need it. You probably won’t need A.I.s either. If you start getting esteogen relates sides start with 20mg/day of Nolvadex instead.

Start your PCT 14 days after your last injection, not 7; the test needs to clear out of your system before starting your PCT. You’d likely be better off doing 40/40/20/20.

Also, if you want to look anything like Jeremy Buendia then you need to train like Jeremy Buendia. I can guarentee that he does not do boxing, nor does he do Plyos. He’s a bodybuilder (albeit competed in Physique). Hit the weights hard and heavy; do squats, do more squats, keep doing squats. Your training plan sounds terrible.

Figure out your diet, make sure you get enough protien amd calories from whole foods.

Ultimately it sounds like you did about 15 minutes of research.

TL;DR if you want to look like Jeremy Buendia you need to eat and train like Jeremy Buendia.

And to finish off my advice: don’t do it.


Because you’re either lying or you actually forgot how old you were which means accurately dosing milligrams several times a week is going to be problematic. Neither one bodes well.

Literally 90% of the guys posting have said you shouldn’t run a cycle. So which is more likely: They’ve decided to conspire together just to keep you from gainzzz or they’re giving you hard-to-hear facts based on their years of experience?

I suggest laying out your training and nutrition plan in the BSL forum so you can get some advice that will be more useful than a cycle.

Side Note: It’s so weird how anytime guys who are too young to use anabolics start threads about wanting to use anabolics, they’re never interested in talking about their diet and training. It’s happened a couple of times this year. Almost like their mind was made up beforehand and once they hear “don’t do a cycle”, they leave the site as if there’s no other info this place can possibly offer.


Actually I think 100% have recommended against it #statistics

Because they witness there peers getting hyooge off high doses off anabolics without serious adverse effects on their endocrine system/ cardiovascular health in the short term therefore they think “but my friend yeet toopleflorp used 150mg of anadrol/day and 1000mg test/wk for 10 weeks and he’s fine” without thinking “will he need TRT five years down the line, how will his cardiac functioning be at age 60?”

Therefore after witnessing individuals acute bouts of anabolic usage, they think it’s all scare tactics. I myself know a few kids on the gearzzzz, one is like 16-17, uses SARMS and GH YEAAAR ROUND!!! Very likely AAS too, he’s a fucking tank, but it’s retarded, he never comes off… Wonder how his lipids look. Not friends with this dude, I just know him, even if I was his friend, it’s not my place to voice my opinion. Just stating that people viewing these kids will give them the opinion that it’s fine, therefore they make up their mind but have a shimmer of uncertainty thus go to a form like this (although it appears to be t nation a lot of the time which is a bit strange as there are other forums) and ask, then get flamed.

Now I can tell you, being a teenager, that being talked down to due to our age does piss us off, we know we aren’t as mature or wise as the older populace (although we do tend to have more of a left wing attitude/political beliefs and thus believe that the older populaces views are wrong due to different outlooks, however this can be said for every newer generation) but being talked down to SUUUUCCCCCKKKKSS, the best course of action is to dispense the advice like it is. Most kids after hearing the potential risks involving cardiotoxicity, endocrine damage, potential neurotoxicity etc will be turned off. I actually think dispensing the correct, ACCURATE, SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED advice is the right way to go about educating kids about issues such as sex, drugs, violence, safety etc, allows the kid to make their own decisions, and most kids aren’t willing to risk ED, androgenic alopecia or bitch tits (although that’s like… The least of my concerns when thinking about AAS lol)

Telling from the stats, we’re almost identical, me being a leaner version of your current self.
There’s so much more progress to be made where we’re at currently. Why would you take the shortcut and possibly destroy your health? You can achieve your goals without a cycle.

Eat in a 300kcal surplus, get a good routine, recover well and get 2g of protein/kg lbm.
That’s all you need in your current state to make gains.

Nope. #StraightnastyDidn’tSayNotTo