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18 Yrs Old, 4th Cycle. Need Advice for 1st Novice Show

I am an 18 year old bodybuilder planning to do a classic physique show with a history of 3 cycles 16-18 with the cycles being
Test E 500 MG/W 8 weeks PCT Nolva 40/40/20/20 Clomid 100/100/50/50
Test E 500 MG/w Deca 250/w 12 weeks (hard time recovering after this one) PCT Nolva 40/40/20/20 Clomid 100/100/50/50
Sustanon 250 (500 MG/w) 12 weeks
PCT : HCG 2 weeks before pct 250 mg EOD Nolva 40/40/20/20 Clomid 100/100/50/50
Been approximately 9 months since last cycle
Current stats:
Height 6’1
Weight: 190
BF 12%
16.5” arms
26” legs
(Sperm count in normal range, libido great, slightly smaller testicles as to be expected)

Looking forward to run a 12 week cutting cycle with :

Test E 500 MG/W 12 weeks
EQ 600MG/w 12 weeks
Winstrol 50MG/day Weeks 8-12
HCG 250 mG EOD after last Pin
Nolva 40/40/20/20
Clomid 100/100/50/50
Arimidex on hand (never had gyno issues)

Any feedback would be much appreciated (except “Oh you are too young to be taking steroids” & all that nonsense

Have you gotten bloods determining current hormonal status prior to cycling?

You started cycling at 16? Why? Seriously … Why

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How was your sustanon cycle experience

Can you share full details including pct?

I am also on same cycle

At which week did you notice strenght endurance increase? How did your lifts improved? Did you get any before after blood works? How was your pct recovery? Anything please

Thank you

Cycle looks solid. But I’m curious to know what you mean when you said that you had a hard time recovering from your second cycle. Was it based on bloodwork numbers for just your experience, and then did you do anything to help it.

Also don’t take this the wrong way but aren’t you quite small for classic physique and the amount of gear you’ve taken? I mean under 17" arms and under 27" legs while being just 190 at 6ft1 with 3 cycles under your belt. Maybe gear shouldn’t be your priority rn and building a good base of muscle should be.

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No I have not. Also, Big mistake, was peer pressured into it by friends

Was a great experience
Sex drive was absolutely crazy
Around week 2-3 the gains started coming in and I was putting on weight
Before cycle weight 178 12% BF
End cycle weight 187 8% BF (Got injured and decided to cut)
Gained about 50 pounds on squat (405) bench press 30 pounds (285) deadlift 40 Pounds (495)
No blood work was done, Pct was great felt back to normal within a month post PCT
Retained about 50% of mass gained on cycle as now 8 months later I am only slightly smaller than I was on cycle with the exact same strength as when I was on cycle

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I just completed week 3

Not much noticed energy endurance increase yet but I feel my arms bigger

Sex drive is skyrocketed since like day 3

I hope I also get as much as benefit like you

I like EQ, but I would lower the dose a bit. RBC can get high at 600. If it were me, and that’s about how much total gear I planned to take, I’d do like 750 test and 400 EQ instead. That should keep you a little healthier, and probably better overall results as well. 500-750 test is a nice jump, and I don’t think you’ll see a significant difference from the EQ by dropping it to 400. You’ll still get the nice effects you’re likely looking for from it. My biggest run last year included 1500 test and still just 600 EQ.

I had made crazy gains off Deca and Test, about 21 lbs of mass was gained 175-196
9% BF before cycle (came off vacation couldn’t diet properly) 11% Ending cycle
After coming off, I didn’t keep my diet in check big mistake dropped 11 pounds 6 weeks after last pin, and eventually ended up losing 5 more pounds due to poor dieting and lack of motivation(Post cycle depression)
PCT had been messed up missed 5 days straight of PCT
I also had a case of Deca Dick on cycle which wasn’t good and then once I had came off Libido was low, sex drive was weak for at least 6 weeks after pct and slowly recovered after that

Yeah I know, my original plan was to go into physique as I have decently wide shoulders and lats with a small waist (30 inches rn I believe at about 12% BF) and work my way up, thanks for the insight and I will be considering which division to be competing in

Okay wont say anything about running a cycle at 16 or running deca at 17…
Dude you’ve got 3 cycles under your belt and your 190 and 6’1? What are you doing?

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Your cycles look great.

So your training and diet must suck.

Work on those before you keep fucking your hormones up at such a young age…

Atleast make it worth it bro. The gains if that’s what you call them from your cycles could have been achieved natty with proper diet and training… Actually you could have accomplished even more



How old are you?

Interesting… Now I know why teens and low 20s end up in the trt forum…

Op The damage you are doing to your body and endocrine system at this age may not be reversible. At 18 you are still developing. You can naturally put on muscle.

Don’t cycle for a while, grow naturally and hope you haven’t fucked your natural production. Nowhere near the natty limit yet

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