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18 Yrs Old, 185lbs, 10 Month Update


Ok so its been 10 months since i last posted in here and i thought i would post some more pics just to let you guys see how far iv come with the advice given to me previously so here it goes.


tricep n chest


front relaxed




front double bi


back double bi


rear lat spread


arnold pose


most muscular


legs pics will be uploaded soon as i get them on my computer.


Where did you take these pics? In a jail cell? Just kidding man, Great Work!


WHo doesn't love shadows?


haha no i put some boards up behind me to block out the background so it was just plain, thanks dude!


Not bad. How old are ya? Get them wheels uploaded.

Edit: guess I shoulda read a lil more closely.


Great job. What does your diet/training look like?


Thanks, my diet and training is pretty basic, monday - chest, tuesday - back - wednesday - hamstrings and bis, thursday - shoulders, friday triceps, saturday - quads and bis

my diet consists of high carbs and protein, i eat every 2 hours mainly pasta, chicken, rice eggs, jacket potatoes, steak and 2 shakes of usn muscle fuel anabolic a day.

If anyone else has any questions or if you want me to elaborate further on diet and training please do ask me and ill do my best to answer em.


Very nice. I enjoyed looking at both your physique, and the actual pics themselves. A nice change up from crooked bathroom cell phone pics.


I cant believe this guy is only a 5.2... great physique, especially for your age


Thanks man.


Good work. You physique looks like that of a gymnast.