18 Yrs Old, 145 Pounds. First Cycle, Deca + Test E. Am I Missing Something?

AGE : 18 (ALMOST 19)

pls dont start with all that “youre too young” or "its your first cycle its too heavy for you "
first cycle is the best cycle so why not get the most out of it
i can get help from my coach whos very experienced and a trustworthy guy
but i can still get some advice from “experienced steroid users” online (lol)

chicken and eggs for protein
rice and oats for carbs
low sodium so i dont get bloated
no junk food so i dont get LDL

200mg deca 1-12weeks
400mg test e 1-14weeks

Arimidex 1mg every 2 days for 2weeks and every 3 days for 1week (tapering off)
i want to get the most out of my cycle so i will do Arimidex (AI) if only needed

Will start pct after 3weeks from my last shot
HCG 750iu every 2 days (4 shots)
HCG 500iu every 3 days (3 shots)
HCG 250iu every 3 days (2 shots)
NOLVA 40mg every day for 2weeks
NOLVA 20mg every day for 2weeks

Why the fuck are you here? You have such an experienced coach but yet here you are asking strangers. You are too young and this is too much for you. Enjoy the deca-dik.

Insert bad joke about pretending to be a Dr for a low price of $300.

It’s Sunday, I forgot, my bad. God Bless


lol why are you mad ? i said im open for others advice anyways just because i have a coach doesnt mean i will only do whatever he says lol
i will take 2x test to prevent deca-dik even if i cant do you think i will have problems after pct ?

No ones mad. Did you think because I used a curse word, that I was mad? LUL

You just sound like one of those kids. You are saying to just answer your questions and not give you real advice. The realest advice for kid your age is to wait for 3-5 more years before using AASs. You sound like the type of kid that is not going to listen to what others have to say any ways. Making this whole thing a waste of time for everyone.

Why are you using Hcg during PCT?

yea im young as shit i admit it haha
but trust me im dedicated af i know about dieting and training hard etc
there are so many guys out there started cycling when they were 16
or so many guys jumping into a cycle without knowing a thing
at least im ready for a cycle so lets stay positive :slight_smile:

hcg during pct because hcg + nolva for pct bruh lul

Can you explain what the purpose of a PCT is? Hcg during PCT is going to keep you shut down for longer, possibly extending your PCT. And you think your are ready for a cycle. Come on bruv.

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i think i might take a second look at deca lol since you said it , i searched a bit and everyones suffering from it like W-t-f and i was saying hcg because even ifbb pros say it ?

What Ifbb pros? Are you an IFBB pro? I dont think I have ever heard anyone say use HCG during PCT. Use it during cycle to keep your nuts from shrinking to the size of peas.

Just because some idiot says to do this or that, doesnt make it right. Research, research, then research some more. Make your own informed decisions. But keep an open mind.

tru words brother thank u
but u see if i didnt make this topic maybe i would be fucked for sure lol

Its not the topic. Its the approach. You began with “Dont tell me about my age or dose, just answer my questions.”

Search these forums for a thread called Deca dick. There are guys suffering for years after using deca not being about to get hard.
Take the journey as a marathon not a sprint. Good luck.

This turned out much better than I expected it to go. @25erenozturk congrats on deciding to be able to use your penis for an extended amount of time. You’d be surprised how important that becomes in the next few years especially if you get jacked as fuh.


The ai at the end will likely have your e2 at approximately 0. Research that more. You probably don’t need any.


yea maybe there are other ways to get jacked without dealing with deca dick :slight_smile:

im thinking of after 4-5 weeks into cycle getting a bloodwork and see if i need any ai ?

Post a pic of your progress.

There are a few individuals with insane potential and genetics who can justify using gear at your age. I highly highly doubt you are one of them.



Get blood work beforehand so you have a baseline. 4-5 weeks for blood maybe to early. I would go 6-8 weeks. IF you decide to run Test alone, I wouldnt even mess with the AI. BUT have nolvadex on hand for during cycle. Nolva wont help elevated E2 symtoms, but will block the receptors so that Gyno doesnt form.

Dude, you’re an idiot. You weigh 145lbs. Your coach sucks, and your diet is bad. Period. You don’t need steroids, you need to lift and eat.


Unless you’re 5’0, your size says that you do not know about nutrition and training hard.

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i was already thinking of getting bloodwork for baseline tru
and yea i think i might get a bloodwork during week 6-8
and nolva is my choice for pct not cycle because i dont wanna disturb my progress
i think adex will be enough to help with oestrogen side effects such as moon face and gyno

You are backwards in your way of thinking. Adex is more likely to fuck up your progress than Nolva. IF you crash your estrogen you are going to feel like dog shit. Nolva will be a much better fit.

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