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18 Yrs Old, 10 Month Clean Bulk

hey dudes. Frederick here, been hittin hard for about 7 years, (since middle school) hoping to get huger. Just got done with a 10 month bulk, thinkin bout leanin down for the summer, but might just keep bulkin. I’m 18 years old, and about 12-13% bodyfat. (maybe more? calipers were 13) Anyhow i’m pretty fricken strong. (for my age) Lifts:

Bench: 340
Squat: 490
DL: 250 (hernia)
clean : 275

I try to train for mass and i keep my workouts short (like 15-20 min, with low volume and no more than 2 working sets per bodypart, one time a week. Pretty typical split, bodypart per day, 5 days a week:

I throw in abs and calves every other day. I’m workin on my six pack doing about 2-300 crunches during my ab workouts. It’s workin pretty well i can finally see some abs coming in. Anyhow tell me what you think.



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Wrong forum.
And you’re able to power clean more than you deadlift? how is that possible? YOU can power 275 pounds to your shoulders but can stand up straight with only 250?

You’re strong, but your far from 12-13% body fat. Since your goal is to gain mass then keep up the good work.

What was your deadlift before the hernia and what do you weigh?

i’m really good at them, should this be in the rate my physique because my question was should i continue my bullk or cut?

If you should bulk or cut is really personal preference. Do you want abs or do you want to continue to gain in strength?

Oh yeah, and you’re not huge, dude. The guy in my avatar, he’s huge.

he’s fat

[quote]hugedude1990 wrote:
he’s fat[/quote]

And huge and very very strong.

any pics of your legs? any videos of your lifts? good numbers you got there…whats your routine like? and im also wondering how you clean more than you dl???

and remember, theres always someone stronger…always strive to be better

no i don’t have any pics of my legs cuz when i took them i was wearing pants. I do a bodypart per day and just a few excersises. I start with the heavy compounds (bench, deadlift, legpress) and throw in some isolation.

squats or just leg press? what have you done to treat the hernia?

do you do any olympic style lifts? great for explosive power which you could obviously use for football…variety is a good thing

are you o-line? is that why you want to continue to bulk? from the pics, i would guess a higher bf than you said…

I’d guess at LEAST 20% bf, def not 13%.

[quote]hugedude1990 wrote:
he’s fat[/quote]

Are you being serious?