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18 Yr Old, 5'10", 62kg. Training Properly 1 Month

Training for about 3 months, 2 or so of which I had no idea what I was doing, gym owner sorted me with a program and taught me what I needed to know, so training properly for about a month. just started training 5 times a week instead of four.

Always been skinny, so been trying to hit a caloric surplus this entire time, but avoid all unhealthy foods and sugars. diet is pretty inconsistent due to work schedule. thinking of starting a serious bulk, I don’t even look like I work out with a t-shirt on.

I am still figuring it out after 12 years.

Lay out what you are doing. 5 days a week sounds like too much for a beginner.

What are you currently eating?

Not a huge fan of bulking. I think just making small increments over time is better. Bulks get most guys fat. You may be an exception.

TBH, there isn’t much to evaluate with your body yet. It needs more time if you want to know what you need to spend more time on. Focus on adding muscle all over, and in a couple years, you will know what need more work. Progressing on the big compound lifts has been my steak and potatoes.


I appreciate the response

Of course seriously speaking I still have a massive amount to learn, but I have more of an idea of what I need to be doing then in my first few months.

This is my training program, 5 days a week sounds like a lot but I enjoy going to the gym and don’t feel like I am running myself into the ground too hard. Be interesting to see what another experienced person thinks of the program.

burgers I make at home, peanut butter and sugar free hazelnut spread and porridge alongside whey and protein creatine shakes and pasta/bolognaise for dinner is pretty much it but it varies. steaks as well are pretty common.

I like the sound of this, I would rather not loose what definition I have. I will look further into incremental bulking. Equally though I am most of the time the smallest guy in the gym, and am not miles away from been clinically underweight according to bmi either I dont think.

I appreciate the advice, have definitely been enjoying learning how to deadlift in recent weeks.

It is actually pretty good. Just don’t get married to it if you stall out. The lifts are good, the reps set seems pretty good. Eventually, you need to switch things up to keep making progress, but this is a good start IMO.

If you eat consistently, then you can add fairly easily by adding a snack, and see if over a few months you gain some weight. If not, make the snack bigger with other stuff be consistent.

You got a good start if you are already deadlifting. Took me years to deadlift.