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18 YO - What Should I Do?

So I’m 18 YO, 6 feet tall and sitting around 160.Training five days a week, mostly with compunds and oly lifts, started training seriously about a year ago. I lost some weight lately because I started to swim again (four times a week, it’s only a 3 month thing because I’m training to cross a lake). I live in a small town in Argentina but in march I’ll be moving away for colllege. For this reason there’s a decent gym in my town but it’s ruled by broscience and coaches have 0 certification.

I’m attaching a few photos so you guys can see how I look at the moment, should I keep bulking up or cut some more fat and then start building.

I eat pretty clean, I know my body reacts nice to high protein diets and I can gain weight (both fat and muscle pretty fast). My problem is in the abdomen area, you will see I still have some fat

I’m pretty interesting about bodybuilding, I try to keep my proportions and my waist small.

1st pic looks like a classic early steve reeves


All I can say is nice… Camera work?


LOL thanks, I have great lightning in my living room.

What about the question I asked at the beginning of the post?

Well, I’m still young and I also swim, same as Reeves and Reg Park

get bigger
bodybuilding is or has a classic division or physique class
if you can keep your ,look ,zane, reeves you might have something
1st pic last pic show potential

I’m trying, but I feel like I’m always under eating, and as soon as i start to eat some more, I start to get some fat on my belly and love handles, and I don’t know how to deal with that

think long term
train hard,smart,eat right
which means you hire a trainer that lays everything out fore you or,
read and learn and ask direct questions,
like the body fat thing,
alot of people when trying to get bigger gain some fat,measure your self use scale as a guide keep diet in check,try not to gain to much fat adjust diet as needed
your only 18 you can make mistakes as long as its not to bad and correct

Thanks, I’ll keep on bulking some more, and intead of swimming I’m going to do some hiit

Keep at it, your muscles will fill in nicely over the next couple of years of training.
The only thing I would add is some calf exercises

what do people mean when they say fill in? Do you mind explaining a little more?
Also, my gastrocnemius sucks but I have a nicely developed soleus. which exercises work the gastr. the most?

You have pretty good structure. By filling in I mean, in the next couple of years of training you will continue to gain some good muscle mass. From 16-25 years of age are the most productive years for a natural bodybuilder, because this time is when your natural testosterone levels are at their highest.

For the gastroc’s any calf raise where your knee is locked straight.
Standing calf raise, calf raise on a legpress machine.
Use moderate to heavy weight, focus on controlling the negative, rather than bouncing or letting the weight drop.

Oh now I get it! Thanks a lot, I’ll keep posting here

I feel like you’ve gotten very bad advice so far in this thread. I think it’s weird that the guys in here are suggesting that you’re on the right track. You look like a guy who has never lifted in his life, but probably played sports growing up. Nothing like an early Frank Zane or Steve Reeves. Sorry, but that’s what I’m seeing.

First off, I see no reason to give special attention to your calves at this point. They’re not small relative to the rest of your body.

Which brings me to the more important point… you don’t have an appreciable amount of muscle at this point. You said you’re swimming. Are you currently doing any weight training? I don’t see how this thread made it to 13 posts without anyone actually talking about weight training, considering the fact that you said you are interested in bodybuilding.

If you are seriously interested in pursuing this, you need to start lifting weights regularly. 4-6 times per week. My best guess is that you need to be eating at least 150g of protein, 250g of carbs, and 100g of fat per day, every day. That’s a minimum estimation on my part, you may need more, considering you seem to be a pretty active person.

I also suggest you focus on the lifts that give you the most bang for your buck. These include overhead pressing, bench pressing, dips, pull ups, rows, squats, and deadlift variations. Get good at all of these, and you will almost certainly develop a much better looking physique.


Wow, this just hit me really hard Flipcollar, considering that on 2015 I gained 20 pounds, mostly because of lifting, but you just asked me if I even lift. But this forum is to hear different opinions, so I really appreciate that you took some time to respond to me.

What kind of training split do you propose? Compounds are my base and I dislike isolation as this point, but if that’s the way to get better I’ll do them without complaining.

I’ll try to keep my diet on check, always focusing on clean weight, as you did.

Maybe I was convinced that I had a nice body because all my friends and the people in my town are pretty small, but I know I have to keep the grind and all my good habits.

get bigger
think long term
train hard,smart,eat right
which means you hire a trainer that lays everything out fore you or,
read and learn and ask direct questions,
how is this bad advice
i said first picture, look at the pose"probably sucks on body building stage"
look at his face and over all form
been around long enough that if he walked into a bar or club he will be noticed
with his looks now if he gains size “i said get bigger” i think he has potential in physique or classic
i said read and learn ,
he is not going to learn what he needs to learn in “13” posts

To be fair, that’s all I said. Nice camera work.

My mom says “Thank you Benanything”

I really like the fact that this is turning into a debate and I respect everyone 's opinions, but guys please keep it civilized

this is
i have seen worse on this site
just remember, alot of what you will read is"opinions" alot will be "beliefs"
if you succeed or not is up to you