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18 Years Old (edited)


So I did a lot of lifting in high school for football, but this past year I lifted inconsistently because it was my first year at college. I weigh the same as I do then, but it seems as if I gained a little fat and lost a little muscle. I’m not really sure though because my strength seems to have increased. The following pics are of me now and from one year ago when I was in top shape. I just wanted to get others perspectives as to whether or not my body really changed, and how I managed to stay the same weight.


you added a little fat, might have lost a little muscle.. less definition on your abs.

just get back in the gym you'll bounce back i'm sure.

i had the same problem sorta..

except i went from 190 to 170.. and back to 180 now..


I'd agree with your assesment. Body fat up, muscle must be down a bit if you weigh the same. Are all your lifts up or just your favorites?


first year of college is no excuse for fucking up. I got to school and lost focus for about a week or two, but by mid-september I was back in the iron game. Excuses just make you look and sound like a pussy.


I made some awesome progress my first year of college. Shame, pal. Get on track.



1st year of college was all about letting women test drive my gear shift...

But I digress.


You'll get back to where you were at very fast. My freshman year in college (2 years ago) I worked 50 hrs a week, took 16 credits, partied, but of course you have to MAKE the time for the gym.