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18 Years Old - Constructive Criticism Please


Hey guys, pretty new on here and just looking for some constructive criticism on my physique. Feel free to pick me apart! Been “lifting” for about 3 years but have only been serious about training and diet for about 10 months. I’m going for the “aesthetics” look. Thank you in advance for the feedback. Sorry the pictures aren’t the best.
5’11" 189 lbs.



Sorry to hear about your being born without legs. Congrats on overcoming that obstacle and training anyhow.

Really though, I’m not sure what kids are considering “the aesthetics look”, but you seem solid enough for your age.

I’m only going by the front and back relaxed poses since it irks me when people who aren’t bodybuilders try to hit bodybuilding poses. Maybe could look to prioritize chest work or at least make sure you’re hitting it enough. And be sure to work plenty of upper back/postural muscles.


Thank you for the feedback! I can post a leg pic on here tonight. As I said, I’m pretty new on here and I completely agree I’m nowhere near being able to hit any bodybuilding poses, thought I’d give it a shot though. Thanks again.


I’m also not sure what the ‘aesthetics look’ is. aesthetic just means attractive, essentially, or looking good. So you’re going for the ‘looks good look’. LOL. At the end of the day, that’s just going to be in the eye of the beholder.

You’ve built a decent base for sure though. You don’t have the look of someone who lifts heavy, which is fine if that’s not the look you’re going for.

My guess is that eventually you’ll want to get leaner than you are right now. That seems to be, ultimately, what people who are going for ‘aesthetics’ intend to do. So I would say that adding 5-10 more lbs of muscle would go a long way once you decide to cut. I think you’d look a little small if you started cutting down now, although not too bad.


You’re completely right, I don’t throw around a lot of weight as of right now. Obviously that comes with time. 5-10 pounds of lean muscle would go a long way for me.

probably should have included these in the first post but this is where I started 10 months ago. Come a long way but obviously have a lot more to do.


That’s awesome man! Huge change, and in a pretty short time frame! Whatever you’re doing is obviously working. I think the biggest thing that before and after shows is that you have a handle on diet. Good eating habits are the absolute hardest thing to get people to embrace. Everybody already thinks they’re perfect eaters, lol. So congrats on getting that early.

I would suggest keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing until it stops working for you. When you eventually stall in the gym or with body re-composition, you might look into improving your diet and/or workouts, but for now, I wouldn’t change a thing.