18 Years Old and Training

Hey im pretty new to the T-Nation and i’ve finally decided to post …im 18 years old and ive been training on and off for a couple of years now. im weighing in @ 175lbs and i am about 6’2. here are my totals: bench is @ 315, squat is @ 465 and DL is @ 445. any pointers, good or bad, are wanted! thanks guys and gals

ps-i know the lighting is bad and im trying to get more pics on

heres from a dif angle…lighting is still bad

one of the back - still not to fond of the lighting but can’t do much about that

lift numbers are impressive for ur weight… but no leg shots?

nice shoulder striations…

I love internet #'s

Those are some nice lifting numbers.

[quote]Joebus wrote:
I love internet #'s[/quote]


[quote]HotCarl28 wrote:
lift numbers are impressive for ur weight… but no leg shots?[/quote]

lol if i put a image of my hairyass legs on here, i would blind you with their paleness…i also havent done any extensive leg workouts for the past 4 months due to lack of equipment at college and the place i use to work. so the totals i put up were from back in july, so i’m sure my squat and DL have gone down considerably.

E numbers

Numbers seem inflated, though of course you could shut up everyone here and myself included if you post a video.

210kg squat at 80kg, and no shots of the wheels? Is that raw, or with assistance gear, and to parallel? Which competition were you at? Any videos of it?

140kg bench at 80kg being 6’2 with those long arms - was that with or without the spotter?

I must say you’re lifting some hyuuuge numbers for an 18 year old who’s been lifting ‘on and off’ for a 2 years…


I’d love to see a video!

Please answer this honeslty: You are 6’2, 175 lbs and bench 315 lbs and squat and dead in the mid 400’s?

The current inflation rate is approximately 15-20%

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E numbers[/quote]

“e-numbers” lol

I don’t understand why people feel the need to inflate numbers… that’s all they are… just numbers… your comfortable with your sexuality right?

haha you guys kill me.

in all honesty 465 squat is a ton for a 6’2’’ guy …obviously must’ve been a few months back. though couldn’t have been too far back since youre only 18.

nonetheless you appear to be strong and lean and interested in continuing both…so props.

soooooooooo you really bench 250, DL 385, and squat 315?

Show us a pic of the wheels, because 90% of your mass must be in them if you are squatting that much. Also, you’re spinal erectors aren’t big enough to DL that much without proper form.

Or you just got killer fire in you and those are seriously your lifts. If they are, I bow to you, those are impressive.