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18 Years Old 6'2 245lbs

hey guys legs are lagging behind because I used to get severe migraine headaches due to the stress of leg workouts but I’m back doing legs even tho the headaches are still there…
also don’t think I’m some cocky kid on here thinking im better than everyone else I’m just looking to see what everyone else thinks

just the basics
squat - 405
bench press - benched 300 last year but had to switch to dumbells due to a broken wrist but i do 125lb db press for 10
deadlift - 405 for 7

right in the middle of a bulk so obviously packing alot of extra fat



legs (I know they’re behind as i said in the first post)

Good foundations, bro. If this was achieved naturally then bravo!
As for your migraine thing - measure your blood pressure, it may be elevated (if it is - consult cardiologist or at least family physician).
Good luck!

Thanks man,and I’ll definitely look into that

The headaches could also be simply due to dehydration. I know alot of high school athletes who end up dehydrated, most high school coaches don’t encourage enough water intake.
Also, why is it that anytime a decently strong physique shows up, a commenter feels the need to post “if its natural?” I mean, you’re kinda strong, but not like superman strong, and you’re obviously not really lean. I don’t see why it would cross anyone’s mind that your physique was anything but natural, much less feel the need to mention it. And it’s always the case that the one commenting doesn’t have a single picture up.

thanks flipcollar haha,itll always be an issue now because of the mindset of people but it doesnt bother me…and i make it a point to drink alot of water because i thought that was the problem as well but the headaches kept coming…my dads friend who is a bodybuilder said it could be over exertion headaches

this is me before i started bulking after a short cut hoping to keep the size and get alot leaner than this

pre bulk

wow. Great job bro, I hope I can look like that by the time i’m 18.

Very solid base. Keep at it!

I think ur sexy

thanks guys!

big Fuckin kid.


real good size for 18

Haha, I found someone with exact same structure as me. I’m currently 230ish, I hope I’ll look something like you when I hit 245 (I’m more 6’3), It’s just that I currently pack more fat that you do. Nice progress btw.

thanks matko and good luck!