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18 Years Old, 5'10'' 215

I played football for 5 years and weight trained the whole time. I bulked up but didn’t have a lot of definition. Now trying to get more definition out of biceps, traps, triceps, and back. Any tips?

Back pic

Tricep pic

If you want definition, lose some fat. You have some muscle, so if you drop 20-30 pounds you’ll likely see the definition you want.

Okay. Thanks. I’ve been trying to eat a lot healthier and workout a lot more. Going to college soon so hopefully I’ll start to see more definition cuz I’ll have nothing to do except workout.

While you will definitely have more freedom and all that at college, be careful man lol. You’ll be surprised how tempting it will be to eat a bunch of shit just because the cafeteria has it (ice cream, cookies, cake, etc.), binge drink often, skip workouts because of a late night out or that test coming up (depending on your social habits/school dedication).

It’s much easier schedule in a workout, but it’s also much easier to find an excuse to miss one. College is fun and has it’s fair share of temptations. But yeah it’s a great set up to make great progress physique wise if you put your mind to it. Good luck man.

definition = diet. Period.

Looks like you’re starting in a pretty good place though, you’ve got enough size I think for a cut to be worthwhile.

Okay. I’ve cut out fast food and a lot of high fat foods. I try to eat lean meats and vegetables most days. Also trying to cut down on starches and dairy.

Cutting back on sugar, which is in almost everything, can have a huge impact.

A jar of prego pasta sauce has as much sugar as a bag of M&Ms.