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18 Years Old, 5’5”, Wanting to Compete in Classic

Been training for about two years, not very consistently but still been training at least two days a week. I’m 18 at ab 5’5 or 5’6, closer to 5’5 when barefoot. Currently in the 140s looking to bulk up this summer and compete in either fall ‘20 or spring ‘21 in classic physique for my age group.

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I don’t stick to any certain routine right now and I don’t diet, I try to just eat around 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day of whatever I want. My biggest issue is soda and junk food, but I still think my physique is pretty good for what I’ve done. What’re your opinions on me possibly competing and how well you’d think I’d do if I was to take things serious and if I should get a coach and really try. I’d love to have success in this kind of sport

I think posting some ‘’ classic ‘’ poses where we can see your lower body as well would help.


While I’d like to see better pics (poses) and lower body shots as well, you are nowhere near lean enough to step onstage so your 140’s means 125-130’s onstage which is absolutely tiny.

Don’t let a few cuts in good lighting steer you away from continuing to put in the work you need to be doing it competing is truly your goal.



nobody can answer this question for you. You’ll have to put in the work and find out. Since you’ve never taken this seriously enough to diet or actually follow a routine, I have zero idea what your potential is. You look alright now and everything, but nothing special.

Put in a couple years of dedicated, hard work, and see where you are then. That should give you a better idea of what your potential really is.

So, obviously you need size EVERYWHERE, but your chest and shoulders stand out to me as weak points. It looks like you’ve spent a lot more time doing arm work than anything else. A proper program will get you going in a better direction.

Also, no legs pics, along with a low bodyweight, tells me your legs probably suck. work hard on that.

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I just can’t stop laughing at this.


1 inch makes all the difference !!!


Haha i hope it didn’t come across as ripping on short people. It’s just the act of giving your height with shoes on. It’s like the guy who added his bodyweight to his squat number.

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I[quote=“flappinit, post:7, topic:259889”]
It’s like the guy who added his bodyweight to his squat number.
Lmfao who does that !!

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its like adding the weight of barbell to your bench number. 225 pound bench press = 4 * 45 pound plates + 45 pound barbell

when you squat without weights, your body applies resistance.

when you add extra weight, that resistance is a plus.

doesnt it make sense when you sit and think about it? :smiley:

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It’s still a stupid way to describe squat numbers. And it also discounts the fact that you’re not moving the entirety of your bodyweight while squatting anyway.

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I feel the same way about guys who do 300 pound pull ups or dips when they add 20 pounds to a 280 body.

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Damn, I was doing +90 pull-ups at 225 (and long ass arms), that’d be lovely to add my BW…

It’d be more like adding the weight of your arms to your bench press because your arms move with the bar.

Don’t take my >500lb squat away from me.