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18 Years Old, 228 Lbs, First Bulk


This was/is my first real bulk. Went from 178 (was still chubby then) to 228 as of yesterday afternoon post workout. I put on a little more fat than I would have liked to but it was my first bulk and its not like I was skinny before. I'm going to keep bulking until I hit 17in arms or I can't fit into every pair of pants/shorts I own (I have 3 pairs left)

I want to know what my THREE WEAKEST bodyparts are so I can tweak my new program to really focus on my weaknesses. My three picks were:

-upper back

p.s. - this was also my first attempt at posing haha



side chest


back bi, i am upload retarded


lat spread


You look like you could afford to lose 50 lbs.


walking poles




shitty tri


How long did it take you to gain the 50lbs? What kind of strength increases have you seen?


looks to me like you got a big set of wheels, but everything else is lacking. at 228 pounds im guessing your LBM would be like 195. Hit the upper body harder and clean that diet up and do some cardio

...I think I hear a prowler in the distance


50 lbs came in about 6 months. 180 was my low on my first cut (which went well), so i had no glycogen or much water. i made the mistake of jumping from 1500 cal to 4700 in the course of 3 days and the following weeks is where i saw a lot of fat gain.

as for strength i've seen a lot of gains everywhere - 2 easy examples are

dead 3x12 - went from 185 to 275
incline bb press 3x12 - 115 to 165

these two lifts have been in my routine since the beginning so its easiest to judge their progress


before pictures?

how much can you squat?


Still looking for people to name my biggest weak points please

I touch my ass to my calves when I squat and I'm not really confident enough in my technique to go for a one rep max. my max dead is 385 and i work squats/deads the same, so i squat 275 for 3x12, and i would imagine my max would be close but slightly lower than my dead


What exactly does that mean?


Prowler is a piece of equipment used for conditioning and fat loss.

Anywho, I guess the first thing that comes to mind is think carefully about bulking as a way to get to 17" arms. My opinion is to get a firmer grip on diet or add some cardio and SLOWLY drop some fat. Keep training hard.

You are not yet at a point where you need to worry about weak points and specialize. Keep it simple. Do the big lifts (variations of bench, squat, deads) focussing on increasing poundages plus add a couple of other movements per bodypart.
Also, if your working sets are 12 reps then I would say you are short-changing your progress. Drop the reps on working sets (4-8 range or so) and put some stress on your body. You can cycle high and low reps if you wish but get some heavy low reps work in there.
Come back in another 6 months and show us how you did.



My training is pretty diverse actually, those were just examples. I do high rep work by myself, low and high rep 6-12 work with my workout partner helps to have a spot with the heavy weights, and i even am doing dynamic strength workouts with my buddy from his university before he leaves to play football there.

but yes, i have a long long LONG way to go. thanks for the input but i want to keep bulking because i feel like im just getting in my groove and i really want to juice this first time bulking for all its got. i've seen the most progress yet the past 2 months and i want to keep that ball rolling as long as i can before i start a serious cut.

but i definitely agree i need to toss in some cardio


I don't want to be mean, but to be honest, how is your diet on this bulk you are into? As we can see from the pictures, you got very faint a definition, it is clearly hard to tell your weak parts, because of the flatness, but you do have a set of wheels and calves are lookin' good. My advice is to clean that diet once and for all, and like posted before, start putting some stress on your body, no more comfartable workouts for while. Lower the reps and start to aim for poundage on the lifts. Go serious on the matter.


Weakest points? You've got too much fat on you (IMO). I wouldn't focus on your weak points right now as they're hidden by a good amount of body fat. I'd focus on a recomp of some sorts to get things in check, then re-evaluate.


Sounds good. I'll be back in a couple months then.