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18 Years Old, 125 Pounds - Time to Bulk


Hey, I'm a senior in high school, wrestling at 125 lbs. this year. Once the wrestling season is over (March), I want to really bulk and get alot bigger before gong to college.

I'm deciding between 2 possible plans right now, but obviously I'm looking for any other advice.
option 1: starting strength routine + eat a ton (track calories online with MyPlate)
option 2: buy the book Scrawny to Brawny and do whatever it says in there, since I really respect John Berardi.

Any Suggestions? Has anyone tried either of these approaches?
Any general pieces of advice for someone who has never really gained weight before?


No offense, but if your a senior in HS and 125lbs, any program that focuses on big lifting and big eating, will definitely help you pack on muscle.

I have nothing but respect for John Berardi, but his programs as well as 100 others will help you bulk up.


Dude, is that you laying the smackdown in your avi? Well fucking done.

Regarding food, use common sense and start eating big.

Regarding the program, there are many you could use, check out


for a ton of information.

Best of luck to you.





Thanks guys, pretty common sense stuff. I'm sure i'll gain weight pretty easily once I start eating big, since I've been keeping my weight down for wrestling.

And yes, that is me in the picture.


notice how he didnt specify which person in the avi was him lol

Just kidding OP. Like everyone here is saying you just need to eat big and lift heavy weights. Find a basic program and stick with it. "Programs" seem to work well for beginners because it gives them structure and direction. 125lbs is tiny... you need to eat son! Eat! :slight_smile:

read a ton on this site and you'll get lots of great info