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18 Year Old Using Steroids


Hello, I know this is going to sound dodgy however I am above the age of 18 and I have never touched steroids in my life.

To keep it short, my younger brother's friend is about 18 and a half and want to experiment with 300 mg of test eth a week for 8 weeks.

I know. I feel he is stupid as well.

He says he "Has done his research" and he has proven himself to be an intelligent but somewhat risk taking individual. He has a scholarship to a STEM college and is the best in all of his classes. He is also a member of mensa.

When he was 17, he broke his leg and hand. I was with him when the doctor was examining his x-rays and the doctor commented that his growth plates were completely fused and he had done growing. He has never suffered from mental health issues and is a very calm and collected individual. He has trained properly and stuck to a very strict and clean bulking/cutting diet and only misses training sessions if he has the flu or something else which means he physically cannot do it. He has trained like this for 3 years.

He has done multiple hours of research on PCT and seems to know about all the hormones under the sun and how to restore homoeostasis. The guy is very clever, I think he spoke to an endocrinologist about the whole plan as well.

So, assuming that his growth plates are closed, his gear is not contaminated, the PCT is not fake and he trains reasonably while on the stuff and does a very strict PCT under medical supervision, is it possible for this 18 year old to use these very powerful hormones responsibly with reduced risk of permanent damage?




I think his stats are somewhere around this mark:

He is 175 cm tall and weighs 90-92 kg. He is currently bulking and probably around 13-15% body fat.


Yes, completely.

I am worried about him. I really hope that he doesn't screw himself up.


lol @ 'my younger brother's friend'.

Of course it's possible, but you're assuming quite a bit here, and I'm not sure what your basis for this is. How does he know none of his gear is fake/contaminated? 'Multiple hours' of research is not a lot of research. 'Seems to know about all the hormones under the sun' is vague. Just because he's able to talk over your head doesn't mean he knows much. If his research is entirely based on reading internet forums, he hasn't done research.

Basically, what I'm saying is you haven't provided adequate information to give you a real answer. Answering the question you posed about perfectly ideal situations and possible worlds isn't necessarily truly applicable. In other words, you haven't asked the right question. Let's say the answer to your question is 'yes it's possible. probability is 4%.' That's not a good situation, is it? Possible /= good idea.

Mensa has nothing to do with having collected adequate information to use steroids, nor is it relevant to acquiring a quality, trustworthy source. I don't know why you would bring this up.


Jeez, I dunno. I'm just very worried about him. I have tried talking him out of it but he won't listen.

I have seen him reading loads of pubmeds and different e-books about the subject and he told me he went and talked to a doctor about it (who told him it is a bad idea) but gave him some info anyway. AAS are legal to possess here in the UK and you can find many legit sources. A lot of doctors can actually be bribed into it, I know many who have done that.

Even if he gets away with it I am still worried he could tear his bicep or something like that from advancing too quickly.

I am just worried and scared about him, I am sorry if my post is written in ignorance


Don't use AAS at 18. I'm new this forum and am far from being the most intelligent. But from what i gather don't use AAS until at least 24/25.


tell your "friend" that "he" shouldn't use aas at his age and level of development


I have done. His parents have done. His doctor has done.

I have NO idea what else could persuade him not to do it.
He's just in the hubris way of wishful thinking that I guess he won't get any negative side effects from it because he thinks he isn't stupid. I can see him thinking these hormones are just something you can play with as long as you're careful. He's wrong.


Then just let him do it. If he is that ignorant and stubborn then fuck him. Let him do as he pleases and when he is regretting in a few years him deal with it and just say I told you so dumb ass.


Call Oprah, dr Oz or someone else to help your friend.


If he's going to do it no matter what, then what are you here for? Serious question. You have now confirmed your beliefs on a forum devoted to steroid discussions. And yet you're insinuating that you have no recourse. I just don't get it.


300 mg is especially stupid. Not because its a high dose, but because its enough to warrant a shutdown but give very modest gains. When i took a prohormone during puberty (early 18) it put my pubertal changes to a halt for about a year, and i had to put my all into pct/proper supplementation/lifestyle to fix some serious damage.

I dont recommend anything that can shut you down, even 6-bromo or atd. Shutdown is shutdown (yes, with varying degrees). Dont let him/you do any of this stuff. Granted your sex drive and bioavailable t will recover to levels for sexual intercourse, that doesnt mean you should train wreck your steadily increasing hormones. Buy that extra tub of protein and pass on the t-boosters/aas until 21.


patience and hard work and good nutrition are your friends.... you (and "your friend") can achieve quite a lot naturally without fucking yourself up. I mean i'm not saying steroids are necessarily always bad, but chances are 'your friend' still has alot to learn about training and nutrition anyways and will probably be unimpressed with the gains that test gives him because you (he) will still have to work really hard and eat well even when on the juice. Why not try reaching ones natural potential first. Besides, its personality not muscle thats gunna win you the chicks :wink: Life is a journey, enjoy it and be proud of your accomplishments.


Your friend is a multiple over idiot. First using 300mg a week and second wanting to use at 18. I can only barely comprehend a barely potty trained child using AAS if they are already nationally ranked in their sport and need to become a top international competitor. At least with the fucking soviets you got a lifetime pension if you were a top international competitor. Mensa? They tried to get me to join, but fuck that I can stare at my own shoes without assistance.

Please slap the shit out of him for me.


What do you mean? I just came here to see if he could get away with it.

Could you recommend some sources or pictures to deter him? There isn't a law against it so I cannot call the police


Trust me, I have explained this all to him. I said that he should use about 500 mg a week AND I explained that he would be playing Russian roulette with his body. I said that a lot of guys can get full blown ED and might even need to go on TRT but he said something like "Yeah, only idiots manage to mess themselves up like that. It is natural selection". Cocky b*stard.

Should I just force him not to do it for his own safety? Like make is parents check his room or something?


You know what? I don't know why I am here. I am just worrying about the guy because he has a bright future and the chances are he could mess himself and his future up. I need to persuade him not to do this. Do you have any stories I could send to him? Literally anything?

It's not just the fact he can damage his body and mind, it is also the fact there is a massive social stigma behind it.


Well, now you're just an asshole. Time to change your tampon.


No matter what you tell him his mind is set to do a cycle. So let him do it.