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18 Year Old Squats 1025lb!



that was a nice freaking squat. . .

I’m pretty sure that was actually Joseph Pena. Last I heard, Jesus Christ had a beard and was kind of slim, never heard of him squatting though.


Even if he is enhanced that’s freaky and if he is I doubt he was for long, That’s crazy.

So do these records go up against the great records we all know? Like goggins, Tate, Coan, melanichiev, etc?

Or does it depend on the federation and stuff like that?

This squat is in gear so not really comparable with raw squats wrapped or not.

Pena competes raw also and set a junior IPF squat record while competing in the sub junior age group.


Oh okay. That makes sense

The four guys mentioned above all competed in gear, although Malanichev no longer does and Steve Goggins and Dave Tate were in multi-ply. Check the records on powerlifitngwatch to see what is what, but some stuff isn’t up to date. I don’t really follow equipped lifting all that much, but I don’t believe that any of Ed Coan’s squat records are still standing, the gear they use now adds a lot more than the gear back then.
Ed Coan is still one of the best of all time because he was lifting more than everyone in the weight classes above him. However, you could argue that his deadlift records were never broken because he pulled on a stiff bar and there were no 24 hour weigh ins back then either, even if someone pulled more than him they didn’t do it under comparable circumstances.

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And just to clarify this part for those who aren’t sure, there are federation records and all-time world records, the latter of which are listed at powerliftingwatch. I’m not sure if there is anyone else keeping track at the moment. Federation records don’t really mean much if someone is lifting more than you in another fed, the possible exception to that is the IPF because they have stricter rules than most feds, test for drugs in and out of competition (not that you cant beat it), and is probably the biggest fed in the world. Unfortunately, the IPF is run by a bunch of greedy assholes, but that’s another story.

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When Jesus wasn’t into CrossFit anymore, he was a great deadlifter… ok, I’m done.