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18 Year Old RDB


Hello everyone,

I've been reading these forums for a while now, but I just decided to register and get some input. I've been lifting for about 4 months and this is where I'm at now.

Here are my stats:
Bench 245
Dead lift 405x2
Squat 365x6 (parallel)
Power Clean - 205

I've just recently started doing Power Cleans, Hang Cleans, and Clean and Jerks. I'm hoping these will set off the upper back and traps.

Just curious what everyone thought. Thanks for advice and input.


i wish i would have started out at these stats lol. Good back man, good shoulders, good arms, i'd say keep it up dude. Good size for 162


Good work.

Advice. Lower box squats or longer pauses, because your box squat shouldnt be what your deadlift is.


Thanks for the advice, and by lower box squats do you mean below parallel then?


I believe he does.

If you are that strong after only 4 months you must have had a pretty good base to start from, keep training hard and eating lots and you could be a monster by the time ur in your early twenties.


Anyone else think the deadlift stat is a bit inflated????? if not, great job man, you look great! keep up the hard work


No he's saying either bring your weight up on your deads, which is pretty high already or lower the weight on your squats - I don't know why you would want to do that.

On the other hand look at the lower back on this kid. That explains why his dead is so high.

Looking good, keep it up. Wheels?


4 months training? holy crap!

Those numbers are insane for someone who has only been traing that long, especially at your weight.


Im impressed that with one shot you chose to show your back. Most early lifters show their arms or pecs. That being said I think that the 5.0 you have so far is maybe a bit high but you probably got it because of your speedy growth.


Thanks for the input everyone. I do have previous training, but not in lifting. I've been boxing for about 6 years, with some basketball and football (non high school) thrown in the mix.

About an inflated dead lift, it's not. I can try to take a video next back day.

Thanks everyone.


Please show us your DL. I think it'll be some good motivation for the plethora of feather weights on here.

Keep busting your ass.