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18 Year Old on DBol


Okay, I figured this is the best place to post this.

A friend of mine(a very stupid one) is 18 years old. Obviously hes at his peak of production, but word has it that hes gonna start taking DBOL. Personally I think this is the dumbest thing, as I figure he is just lacking any patience in his growth.

I looked up some arguments to try and persuade him not to...but if you guys could, would you give me some facts/stories that would help me talk him out of it? Hes only 18..theres no need for it, and theres no way hes reached his limits yet.


Tell him about this site... more specifically the steroid threads.


The main argument is: He's too young. The validity of which is questionnable.

This is from a post I wrote for another thread dealing with exactly this.

In the end, the only real problem might be stunted long bone growth but he could have that checked out to know if he's finished growing.


The main questions of this thread have been raised in another one about waiting to reach genetic potential to use steroids.

I am trying to reconcile various statements mentionned here with the reality that is ''gear use''.

1)Not needing them because you are too young.

Now, even in youth, between puberty and your 30s the testosterone range is basically the same we've always seen of 300-1000 ng/dl, granted, many teens and young adults may be sligthly in the upper margins, but from what we've been able to read here and from other medical sites, the vast majority of us are in the relative low end of the spectrum.

Now, injections of 600 mg of Test Enanthate once per week raised Total Testosterone (ng/dl) from 431+-38 to 3244+-305 in an exercising group and from 502+-63 to 2828+-417 in the non exercicing group which are respectively a 7.4 and a 5.6 increast from baseline and Free Testosterone (pg/ml) going from 90+-6 to 572 +-305 in the exercing group and 79+-7 to 497+-62 in the non-exercising group which again are respectively a 6.35 an a 6.29 increase from baseline.
(the guys were 19 to 40 years of age)

So even the young in the very high high testosterone range, which are usually by definition a rarity) could still basically double or triple his total test levels and have concurrent muscle growth. Most juiced guys in the study were in their 20s, low and high 20s. (Bhasin, Storer. 1996. The effects of supraphysiological doses of testosterone on muscle size and strenght in normal men. The New England Journal of Medicine, vol 335)

While it is true that a young man, with little lifting time (post-beginners gains) under his belt could really gain a significant amount of weight by training consistenly for a number of years, it is false to assume that there would be little benefit to a cycle to accelerate muscle developpement.

2)Young and therefore low training age

It is possible to argue that being young implies low training age and therefore you would not benefit as much from your cycle than you would if you really knew how to lift correctly and properly. However, this argument seems irrelevant in this thread considering its argued that 19 is too young for steroids period, not that a guy would not make the best gains.

3)Too young for steroids, physiologically.

Now, beyond the real possibility of growth stunting that would occur in the long bones in a young person, long bone growth stops at the end of puberty which in the vast majority of boys is around 17.5 years in North America, some go on for longer but is rather rare. Post-pubertal growth being due the cartilagenous disk enlargement in the spinal and I have not seen anything that indicates whether or not they would in any way be affected by testosterone increase.

Again, if growth was the major issue, simple wrist and knee X-rays and an appointement with an pediatric endocrinologist would be sufficient to rule out further long bone growth.

4) Fucking up the endocrine system longterm.

Well unless you do something like high and long cycles of nandrolone which is mentionned to be the most suppressive, I don't see how that would even be an issue considering that even with hardcore cycles of nandrolone and proper if not longer PCTs, people regain , at least to their knowledge in term of function, their HPTA function.

So I am actually trying to understand where the too young issue comes from or if it is akin to ''your testicles will disappear forever if you touch a steroid vial''.

So what are people's actually reasonning behind the too young principle? Because last time I checked, some 2X year old guys are making rapid and impressive gains while juicing and while they probably could have gotten there in 10 years of hardcore training/nutritions, most would rather do it in 2. Especially that for many, the end, not the journey is what interests them in bodybuilding.

Anyway, just some random issues I thought I'd get your opinions on.



On what Dandalex wrote:

This is very well put, and I am sure to recommend your words to a friend interested in steriod use.


There are so many confused people out there in the world of strength and hypertrophy training. At my school im considered huge and strong even though I'm not. So these guys I know aged 16 and 17 tell me their gonna do a six week cycle. Apparantly this cycle will enduce muscle gains of 60 pounds in six weeks.

And they won't have to workout anymore while maintaining these gains. For only 600 bucks. I know fuck all about roids but I figured their claims to be fictional. After laughing I told them how stupid they would be to fall for it. Especially since they'd only done machine presses and curls for 4 weeks.

It took much careful persuasion on my part to convince them not to do it. I wrote them out a program and told them to eat like a mutherfucker. They never mentioned weightlifting again.

Just thought I would share


If it were me id tell him to go ahead. Hes old enough to vote.


Yeah, you are right some teens, hum, make that most, are dumb twits.

Still, some of them are not necessarily stupid and probably deserve a better answer than, You're too young, you freakin' moron. Especially if they have been training for awhile. Who knows.

To The MaxX, thanks I appreciate it, I hope your friend does things responsibly.

To J4K3, that would be another argument...free will. Kids these days can get their hands on pot, speed and extacy rather easily, the last two being somewhat dangerous and here we are..Heh, you shouldn't do steroids, 'cause eh, 'cause you must be at least this high to go on the roller coaster.

Here at T-Nation, we are getting a good strong Groupthink effect going on...



What an absolutely nice writeup on teen use of test.


Ask him how he'll feel using steroids the rest of his life to gain size!

Whilst steroids may not be physiologically addictive to use something that gives better results than can ever be achieved naturally is very addictive, in a psychological way. It is always SOOOO easy to go back on the juice "to cut up" "to bulk" "to clear up that nasty itch he's got".

I know a good few people who use roids, the majority of them use more and more during subsequent cycles with less and less time off between courses. It takes a very strong willed person only to use them once.

Personally, I have friends who've asked me about whether or not to start using them, and even though I have used steroids many times I always tell them not to bother. If they want to do compete (p/lifting, BBing) then there are alwaya the natural federations which are drug tested.

Another factor is the links to other drugs. I had NEVER taken any recreational drugs until after I had started using steroids. After you've popped a few d/bol to get bigger then it's a bit easier to pop an e to get high.

Whilst it may not cause him any physical harm by going on the roids I bet his life would be better without them.

Ask him how will answer to the statement "you're only big cos' of the steroids!". It may not be true but it leaves an uneasy taste in the mouth afterwards.