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18 Year Old Numbers


Just curious what your guys numbers were at 18... if you were working out at the time... I've been lifting for 3 years... my numbers are 495 DL, 405 squat and 310 bench press... all done raw of course... how does that compare to the rest of you?


Well, at 19 and a bodyweight of 205 (i've slimmed down from my high of 230)

Bench: 345
Deadlift: Somewhere in the mid 4's, I rep at 405
Squat: Lately it's been lower, I think losing weight has affected leg strength, so right now I'd venture 420, although I have pr'd 445 before (at a heavier weight)

What is your body weight? Are you training for a sport?


Ready for a laugh?

At 18 I was 5'7" and 145.

Bench - around 135
Squat - in the 225 range

DL - actually pulled 305 once.

Waht a difference 22 years can make.


Let's see; at 18 I was 170 at 5-8, benched 155 for a max and squatted 225 parallel (but form and ab strength was poor) and pulled 315. At 19 I actually dieted down to 153.

Today, I weight 223, bench 370, squat 470 and pull 445.

Now, the strongest guy at the highschool where I teach was 6-4 285, benched 335 raw but with crappy (powerlifting) form (elbows out, no arch, close grip), and only pulled 455 and I saw him squat 495 easy but about an inch above parallel and 550 couldn't quite get out of the hole. He benched 435 x 2 with a shirt.

MOST highschool 3 lift total records are in the 1300s, maybe high 400's squat and dead and mid 300s bench. A lot of those guys count squats that that are a bit high in depth, BUT you'd be suprised, many of the school "record holders" are smaller guys say 185. My brother's highschool's record was 1315 but the guy was in the 180s.

I also saw an skinny as hell 6-4 180 pound quarterback squat 425 and his legs were not big.

The first HS I worked had a power clean record of 295, but the guy was
6-7 270.

We had one lineman who was squatting 700+ a year out of highschool.


At 18 (wow, eight years ago) I was around 160lbs and my bench was around 305. I didn't know how to deadlift yet (unfortunatley) and I was doing 1/4 squats with 315 for 6, thinking I was squatting right. I'd guess my real max squat was probably sub-300, maybe 275ish.

I got caught up in all the "how much can you bench and curl?" back then and had no direction at all in my workouts, though I did well in my first bench competition at 16. I think being short helped.


I can top this. At 18 and 5'-11', 135 lbs, maybe 7-8% BF. Didn't even know what a barbell was.


At 18 I was 6-2 and 138, had never lifted a weight in my life.

I started lifting this february, turned 19 in april, and I'm up to 170 pounds now.


im 18 right now
i started weight lifting right after football this season so 7 months everything raw of course

i bench 330 and that was after 4 sets i tried 340 right after 330 just missed it
started at 215 goal is 350 before football (actaully was 300 but i hit that 2 months ago which no one thought i could) i weigh 220 and im 6 1 so i was postive i could hit it.

squat 450 for 3 reps 90 degree bend and real bad knee problems and now there gone every one told me squats would make it worse but it never feels stronger then ever

and i dead lift 405 i have real bad grip problems and now that i have a summer job and i work 50 hours a week i think it will help my grip since all i do is cut metal in basements and attics.


I'm 6'6".. 250 pounds... with low bodyfat. I train for hockey actually, physical type defencemen. I haven't maxed in 2 months after some hard training so hopefully my totals are in the 1300's. I don't consider myself a power lifter but use these three lifts to determine my overall strength. I'm good at deadlifting cause I'm tall but suck at benching cause of my long arms. I've been squating since day one though cause I was taught better then to be a light bulb... i consider myself one of the lucky ones...


I just started lifting, when I was 17. after two years , I benched 105kg (was in raw gym competition, but with pause on chest), and dl was 180kg (about 70% more, than bench)!


After numerous years, car accidents, and work related injuries, I'm 29 now and still trying to get somewhere near my #'s where I was in HS.

At 18, I was 5'6" 185 lbs benched 315 for 3 x 5, deaded 495 for 3 x 5, and squated 465 for 3x10.


I'm 17, so I still have one more year to go. Here are my stats...

180 Lbs
Bench 180 Lbs
Squat 250 Lbs
Deadlift 305 Lbs

a year from now I hope to be much stronger.


i dont get it every one dead lift is higher then there squats my dead lift is a good 80 pounds of my squat and i go to parrellel bc i was checked by my coach since he never believe in what i lift intel i show him then he goes ow ok well keep it up


im 18:
190 lbs
bench- 215
squat- 305
dead- 385
ive been lifting consistently with good knowledge since august


If you are a lineman, backer, TE or even a wide receiver or QB, the deadlift is a better guage of on field strength because A) long arms are important for those positions, B) Grip is important and C) It starts in a more "sport natural" stance and D) it requires a sudden on-taking of force rather than the squat where you can set up under the weight. and D) Its from a dead stop.

MOST federation's RAW deadlift records are dead even with their squats, or sometimes higher.


Mertdawg, not to contradict what you wrote, but haven't you said in other posts that you were benching in the 400's in highschool? Sorry if I've got you confused with someone else.


I just don't understand what you guys are being fed over there. Guys seem to be able to bench like 250 pounds minimum when they start. In my life I have never seen ANYONE bench more than 180 pounds when they started working out, and he was a bit of a strong freak. Also never seen anyone squatting more than about 250 when they started. I just dunno :(.

I am 18, been working out for about 9 months and bench 85, squat 95 and Dl 130. Kilos that is, still its shit.


No way, never said that. I got maybe 155 in HS. At 18, I tried 185 and it felt so heavy that I dropped it from arms length off my neck. It missed my jaw by a quarter inch and bounced 6 inches and my partner just kept it going back up to the rack. I guess I got 185 huh?

I honestly didn't believe I could EVER handle 185 after that, and I thought that benching with 25s was for average guys, 35s was for strong guys and plates was way strong. What's more, 9 years later and lifting regularly my max ever was 225 and on any given day if I went to max I'd hit 200-205.

I was 27 then and my best ever parallel squat was 225. Within 6 weeks of training right I hit 235 and 300 and thought I had finally achieved something! (smirk). 18 more weeks and I hit 285/345.

Damn heavy duty! I actually rotated between about 6 week periods of trying to find the perfect heavy duty exercise combination, 2-3 weeks trying to follow Arnold's advanced training routine and 2-3 weeks of feeling sick as a dog.


By the way, the routine that started making progress for me had me doing Bench, Row, Chin, Military, Dip, Squat, Deadlift, and lying leg raises each 3x/week, light, medium and heavy.


On what WhiteFlash wrote:

You are confusing Mertdawg with Il Cazzo. Cazzo was (is) hoss as a youngin.