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18 Year Old Low T

Originally posted under the steroid section:

"Hello there beloved forums,

here’s the deal, i have low T, and relatively high estrogen for my age, 18 years old. I’ve
been training consistently for 3 years, along with perfect nutrition, bro way for year 1 and 2, counting macros for the last one. My stats are 5 9, 185lbs, 15% bf

My testosterone is, 3 tests made during a year , steady between 230 and 270, and my estrogen is about 50, i’d say that these are asymptomatic, though i never know wether my current state is normal, since i have no other reference. Given that i still see a pediatrist (turned 18 in january), the though of any exogenous agent is a big nono, hence my decision on experimenting by myself, given also that i will study endocrinology next year at university.

My first proposition would be going for 50mg of clomid daily, and 0.5 to 1mg of anastrozole daily also, for an x amount of time(this is where the forum comes in). This is obviously not considered a cycle, but a treatment to increase T production.

Now, seeing that my levels are, by baseline, low,i thought, why not go to direct exogenous testosterone, and also make get some extra gains?

My second choice would be 100mg of testosterone propionate EOD, along with 0.5 mg of arimidex daily, for 7 weeks (25 shots total). As PCT i thought 3 weeks would do it to go back to baseline, following the scheme of 100/50/50/25 (taking 3 five day intervals, and 1 six day interval, the last one), along with anastrozole at 0.5mg EOD. I’d also use some HCG during the cycle, to avoid testicular atrophy and ease the PCT.
Since my gains have been already good, i can say to some degree that my AR density is quite high, hence not upping the dose of T.

Again, im all ears for suggestions.

Thanks again, and please, go easy on, me, i’m still a newbie."

So the problem is still the same, will get new results this week for LH, FSH, T, Estrogen and SHBG, all clean.

I was suggested in the gear section to go for the AI option and getting an open, adult oriented endo, since if i went for the T option it would probably mean TRT for life, given my low chances of recovery to baseline.

Again, im open for suggestions, and thanks in advance.

Forget what you learned from the BB Bro’s

Too much clomid and nolvadex avoids the problems that some guys have with clomid.

Too much AI.

We need to see the labs, with ranges! Also need fasting glucose and fasting cholesterol. Need to see markers for liver function AST and ALT.

Read the advice for new guys sticky. Your low T and high E2 are symptoms. You need to deal with the cause and try to correct that, not treat the symptoms with TRT.

Read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
    – report your history of iodine intake from iodized salt and vitamins that list iodine
    – report your waking and mid afternoon ORAL body temperatures
    – be open minded about all of the causes
  • protocol for injections

what is your waist size?

where are you located? - that affects your diagnostic and treatment options