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18 Year Old Cycle HELP

I’m 23 and ive ran a proper cycle before, kept all my gains.

Some kid today asked me about steroids. And naturally I went mad. Telling him he’s way too young he’s got more than enough natural test, all he has to do is eat right and he’s sorted bla bla

After a few minutes of arguing. He started telling me about what cycle he was planning (test e and dbol, moderate amounts) he had everything perfect, proper pct, AI on hand, HCG, liver support, hawthorn berries… His diet seemed great, 6 meals a day and the correct amount of protein and calories for his weight

So I did not have the answer for why a 18 year old shouldn’t do a cycle. If they know what they’re doing, take the right precautions what are the ACTUAL risks all I know is that a 18 year shouldn’t juice…no proper idea why

Natural T still high, still growing, 1st cycle is always the biggest in terms of gains (usually) don’t want to do it early and limit natural gains, could fuck up endocrine system… that’s just very general stuff. Someone else will chime in w specifics.

At 18 the kid might still be growing; if so, steroids will close the growth plates and put an end to that.

What about if a teen had low test…

I have low natural levels, still reached decent strength levels (755/460/565) and decent amount of mass (245) natural, and evidently with low test for at least part of the time.

Was told by some well versed individuals that it would still be bad to go on, so the high natural test, IMO, while normally applicable as a reason does not always apply.

I think the physical maturity, and risk of fucking up endocrine system is more important, and applies to all teens. HPTA is delicate, especially when you are still developing. Again this info is from the limited sources I have read from and consulted, and this is my understanding. Take it for what it is worth, and correct me if I am wrong.

Just my opinion.