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18 Year Old... Again

Posted a while back on the forum, commenting on my low T and high estrogen problems, suggesting possible self-prescribed treatment (TRT or AI+Clomid therapy)(which i didnt perform), given that my endo is still a pediatrist and would have a policy of “non action”. Got a new (adult) endo, appointment is set in a month time.

After some bloodwork back, new results are in.

LH 4 (low end of the range)
FSH 4 (low end of the range)
Total T 275 (low)
Free T 118 (95.7% bounded) (lower half of the range)
Estradiol 45 (high, almost double than acceptable levels)
SHBG 12 (surprisingly low)

I turned 18 3 weeks ago.

Now, why am i posting again in this section?

Well, out of a few social negativities lately (specially with women), sick of the situation, and probably assigning wrongly causes to problems, i jumped on T. I had yesterday my second shot of T Propionate 100mg, planning originally on running that dose EOD for 5 weeks, along with Adex .5 mg ED , and 500 IU of HCG weekly, weeks 2, 3 and 4. As PCT i planned clomid, 200 third day after last TP shot, then 100/50/25 (3 weeks), running arimidex throughout.

Social problems got solved, and i now feel like a complete ignoramus for doing it.

So , my question is, how screwed am i? What do the vets recommend me?

I thought about giving T a go to see if it would improve health and wellbeing, given that the dosage used would probably get me within normal T levels amongst my age range.

So again, guidance is really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

im certaintly no vet but thats a decently planned cycle. if u were u id abort and jump to pct. to avoid any further supression from the extra weeks of test prop

350mg prop/week would put you above the normal range of test (assuming it’s legit), that dose of adex might be a bit high for the amount of test ur doing.

how screwed are u? not sure what u mean?

TBH, it sounds like u were screwed before u started the testosterone… sounds like u just got dealt a bad hand in the hormone arena… can’t say i blame u for trying to remedy the problem… my natural test
production was more than 2x yours at your age and all other markers were in optimal range.

i dont see how running a pct will help anything, if you had low test production before you started your cycle… chances are it’s not going to get any higher afterwards

i would run low dose year round with hcg and clomid. 250 a week and i would switch to a longer estered test. if you have to re do blood work with your next endo appointment your fucked as well if you stay on the test b/c its not going to be your natural levels. my suggestion dont be stupid and fuck your next appt. up stop taking the prop be patient and wait to see what the new endo has in store for you if you dont like it then make a deciscion and youll have some prop laying around.