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18 Y/O with 208 Test

Hi everyone, I’m 18 years old, 160 lbs, 6"5, BF: 14.9%.

Earlier last year, I complained to my doctor of being tired, feeling weak, despite working out 4-5 times a week. He said a full blood panel seems like a good place to start. Well, I feared high estrogen levels so I asked him if he could also put testosterone and estrogen in the test. He thought the request was unusual but went through with it anyway. Test comes back and it turns out I have 208 Total Test. Estradiol level was below 16 (the lab doesn’t give an exact number once it’s below 16).

Everything else checked out normal except for vitamin D which was exceptionally low (15). I got referred to an endo where he did a second test (afternoon). I was actually surprised that my Total Test went up.

Total Test: 358
Free Test: 72.8
FSH: 3.1
LH: 2.2
Prolactin: 4.2
Vit D: 55

Got called in for a third test (morning) a few weeks ago to see if the low T persisted. Waiting for results on that.

Was advised that this could be anything from a pituitary tumor or just hypogonadism so treatment will take a while.

Could it be possible that my test is just “late-booming”? I’m noticing more facial hair growth recently. Muscle gains are steady but really slow. I have 2 lifting partners, same age, who are much bigger than me despite lifting the same amount of time. Energy and libido is still low though.

I am pretty hopeful for TRT. I’ve done my research on it and I know it’ll ruin fertility and that this kind of treatment is a for-life kind of thing. But if there’s a way to get my test to the 800-900 range without TRT, that’d be awesome too.