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18 Y/O, Testicles Shrunk, Help

I am 18 years old, I ran 6 weeks DHT cycle and I experienced testicular atrophy.
I didn’t follow any PCT, it’s been over one year but my testicles have not recovered their original size.
I don’t want to touch steroids no more and I am repented.
What should I do to have my testicles back?

If I would take HCG like 100-150IU every other day, would this reverse my testicular atrophy?
2- If HCG would work and reverse my testicular atorphy, once I stop taking HCG do my testicles shrink again or maintain their size reached thanks to HCG?

Thank you.

Get a blood test first to see testesterone LH and FSH levels

You may be incorrect

Do you think you may be paranoid? I used to freak out about things like that as well

Back in August of 2018 people told you not to do this “cycle” and you obviously did it anyway. Now you want people to give you more advice that your probably not gonna listen to?

This is the guy who insisted on rubbing cream on his nut sack to try and get his dick bigger.

The answer is still the same go seek professional help bro


are you kidding me? you are 18 and already doing steroids? i was getting to know supplements at that age lol


Now don’t you wish you had listened to the advice you were given here? Now do you see that maybe even occasionally someone who is 18 years old MIGHT not have everything figured out? Now here you are…dumping a problem YOU made for yourself and asking us to fix exactly what we told you might happen.

Search HCG protocols on this site and see what info is there. There have been 100’s of threads referencing HCG usage, it shouldn’t be hard.


You’re right I did a stupid thing…
I’ve been looking for HCG protocols but I don’t understand if HCG recovers testicles permanently or when you stop taking HCG they shrink again…
HCG works in reversing testicular atrophy but no one talks about what happens when you stop taking HCG…

I dont think you should self administer anymore drugs. I think I told you this in January. You don’t have the knowledge or experience to be injecting anything into you or dosing anything hormone related.

You need to go see a professional doctor get a few different opinions and decide who you think has your best interest in mind.

Your young there is a good chance they will tell you nothing needs to be done except give it time and if that’s the case then you need to follow the advice given.

Yes, professional doctors tell me to take nothing and wait.
But I am skeptical, it’s been a year but almost nothing is recovered…
If my testicles have not recovered in 1 year why should they recover just waiting?

Then listen to them.

Because your young and that’s what the young human body is amazing at RECOVERY! taking more drugs at this point is just gonna fuck your natural hormones up and make recovery longer.

Do not inject anything take any pills and for God sakes don’t rub anymore cream on yourself. Give it another year or so and see where your at. Shit takes time bro. You fucked up now your dealing with the consequences man up and handle it.

Plus who tf really cares if your nuts aren’t as big as they used to be. Who the hell is grabbing your nuts judging you based on thier size?


So I shouldn’t take HCG or Serm?
What do you think about natural supplements?


Most natural supplements that claim to do shit are a waste of money. Either way the answer is no you are 18 your body doesn’t need anything except some Flintstone vitamins and a good diet.

In addition to vitamins and minerals I’m thinking of taking Sustain Alpha (transdermal 7.8 Benzoflavone and Resveratrol) with Fadogia Agrestis for a few weeks and see if my testicles recover…
I read hopeful things about both of them.
What do you think?

Bro what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you have some kind of learning disability? Stop rubbing cream on your shit.

Im not gonna repeat myself anymore your obviously gonna do what you want to do.


Serm and Hcg are drugs and can make things worse but what’s wrong with 7.8 Benzoflavone and Trans resveratrol ?

He is a troll, dont worry about Zeek. Take the HCG and get your nuts back, don’t let another man tell you what to do.

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Why would he be a troll?
Anyway I’m not sure that HCG is good for me, I’m just asking for help…

I wonder if you rubbed the cream on your brain, if it would make your brain bigger then in return making you smarter? Could you try it and report the results?

Your balls will come back naturally.

Why are you kidding me?
Is that what these forums are for?
To make fun of people who have hormonal problems and who are asking for help to people more experienced than themselves?

Did you bring your problems on yourself, after already being told not to do it in the first place?

I hope your balls come back because you whining like a teen on her first period.

I am just busting your balls. Pun intended.

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