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18 Y/O Pulls 800


is this real?


Yes, that is real. His name is Eric Lilliebridge and he is a freak. Here is another thread about Eric; http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/eric_lilliebridge


Speaking of teenage deadlifting super freaks - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aw9yhC9cqU




and should I ask? these kids are all natural?
how on earth can someone that young pull that kinda weight?
and Lilliebridge weighs ~250+ @ 19y/o

still neither the look or muscle maturity of say Kroc or Konstantinovs


Ask them??


And Kroc looks way better than Ed Coan, but still gets his ass handed to him. What does that tell you about the importance of "look"?


Kind of bro-sciency but the deadlift doesn't seem to rely on thickness as the squat or bench. This is kind of an anecdotal on my part but I've seen more guys who didn't look exceptionally muscular hit more unbelieveable pulls than can be said for the other 2 lifts. Tom Eiseman is a good example- close to 800 deadlift at 181.

That said though the kid looks JACKED for 19yo and around 250lbs.


I wounder what kids on the other end of the spectrum look like. Kids who's genetics hold them back so much, they can barely reach a 405 deadlift.




damn..what are they feeding these guys!


ok the other thread shed alot of light on this subject.
Eric openly discusses his use of Pro Horms, and sounds like some pretty esoteric and strong stuff.
the stuff clearly works tho, considering the size he's put on and the weights he's moving.

but just reading his posts and others, you see that some of these PHs are actually the real stuff, so his claims of not juicing are questionable. not condemning or judging but if you on the juice don't try to hide the fact and post numbers like you're natural.
also he hints at not having the source or $$ for AAS, as the only real thing that's kept him from juicing.

but damn , he's only 19, and already deep into PH, which may possible be real AAS.

just think 5 years ago he was prob a average 14 year old, maybe ~150lbs
5 years ago I was already well over 200lbs and deadliftng only ~500

what a difference chemical assistance can make


you sincerely believe training alone + genetic gift deserves all the credit?

wouldn't say Kroc gets his ass handed to him, that's a bit over doing it, but yeah sure Coan pulls more.


If you are taking PHs you are on.


No-one pulls 800 without training hard, and no-one will do it in a short period of time without being genetically gifted. AAS may enter in the equation somewhere, but it isn't everything. I pose the question back atcha:
Do you sincerely believe that steroids are all that separate these guys from a 700lb deadlifter?



I don't know what's more insane, the 800 pull or his 500 raw bench. I know guys that are 50 lbs heavier and have been training 3-4x as long that still can't touch either number.

You can say he's taking this or that but what it really comes down to is his potential and the active realization of it. The kid has great genes and apparently loves to lift. Both of those things will make more of a difference in his lifting career than any PH or AAS ever could.


Fuckin' jealous, I hate it that jealousy is one of the things I feel when I see stuff like that, but it is.

On the other hand, though, I'm happy for those guys that they found something they excel at and are taking advantage of it.

Those guys are freaks and would be strong with or without PH/AAS whatever.