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18 Y/O Powerlifter


I have been training for about 2 years and currently i am 6 foot 3 and around 300 pounds, my current lifts are:
bench: 360
Squat:535 (touch and go off of a below parallel box)
deadlift:600 w/straps
my goals for my twentieth birthday are:
bench: 450
Squat: 675
deadlift: 750

the video is from last year with one year of training, i will post a new vid of the same thing when i reach 600 for reps


Not to be a ass hole but that box your squatting to is leaving you damn near 6in before metting parallel if your lucky not to even almost mention breaking it. Your a strong dude but that video makes me really question your squat and then some even if it is old. I mean if you pause the squat when your ass touches the bench your Hamstrings are not even Parallel. So if that is what your considering taking 600 to reps for I just have to ask why? If your looking to Powerlift you need to figure some stuff out quick. All in all though lots of potential.


Ya I got a new box to work with now it’s adjustable to up to like 1 foot off the ground but thanks tho! And as you can probably tell from the vid I am terrible from about 3 inches above parallel so that’s why I do high box squats and Anderson squats, on any given day with a belt I can squat like 530 but from there I’m only hitting like 495


And I tend to use a box that height because as u can tell I REALLLY suck from that position I can full squat around 50 pounds more than what I can squat from around 3 inches above parallel , but ya it’s great to get some feedback thx


Why not just squat without the box?


i do but that is just a huge sticking point of mine so i tend to work on that more than what im good at


because that is a massive sticking point of mine and my squat tends to go up faster when i squat from there as opposed to full squating , plus i am trying to beat the american record deadlift for 18-19 year olds in the usapl so i save my lower back for deadlifting on most weeks