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18 Y/O Needing Help!


[quote]KSman wrote:
Caber is for prolactin, not a thyroid issue. If you7 do a caber trial and feel better, that is the diagnosis.

Anastrozole in male TRT dosing does not seem to have any side effects. We do see problems when the dose is too high for an individual and E2 gets too low, but the side effects are from the low E2 not anastrozole direct effects. Doc looks at literature that is based on E2–>0 for women who have estrogen positive cancers and they have really bad side effects from E2=0. But we are into E2 modulation, not elimination and the side effects for women with cancer really are not applicable at all. Doc needs to understand the context and exercise critical thinking and deductive reasoning.

T3, T4, fT3, fT4 should all be near mid range or a bit higher.
fT4=1.1 should be 11.4 or higher, so close to optimal
fT3=3.5 seems optimal
When body temperatures are low and fT3 is good, then rT3 might be the cause, blocking ft3 from entering the cells.

TSH should be near 1.0, the fact that your TSH is in range is meaningless as the ranges are meaningless. Your high TSH suggests that there is not enough iodine in you diet.

Read the thyroid basics sticky. There are 7 stickies in total.

Iodine: There are other products that work as well. Selenium is essential!!![/quote]

Ah excellent. That was one of my concerns that iodine, in excess, could cause a self-induced auto immune disease. How much selenium do you recommend having in your diet? Would a multi vitamin pill work just as well?


You should, in general, be taking a multi-vit with trace elements [selenium] and iodine. So that should not be hard to do. Exactly how much selenium one needs is not something that I have looked at lately and would not memorize in any case.


Well after doing another round of bloodwork

Test came back at 729 (257-824 ng/dL)
Estradiol came back at 38 (10-55 pg/mL)
TSH- 1.09
Prolactin was around ~9

Literally did nothing and my numbers changed so much. Still don’t feel any changes physically. My semen has still been very watery and libido has been low.

My bloodwork did indicate a severe vitamin D deficiency (17 ng/dL); could this be the cause of my problems? I’ve been taking 4000 IU of vitamin D3 every day till I see my doctor in 1 week.