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18 Y/O, Need Help Reading Lab Test

I’m 18 years old. Height: 5’ 10’’ Weight: 174 lb BMI: 25 Body fat: 18/19 %

I tested my total t the first week of december, it came back at 189 ng/dl.

I went to see an endo, who requested more testing.

I just got my results back.

Serum cortisol: 17.0 ug/dL (Range: 5-25 ug/dL)

Estradiol: "Below 10 pg/mL (Range: 10-60 pg/mL)

FSH: 3.9 mUI/mL (Range: 1-12 mUI-mL)

Prolactin: 15.1 ng/mL (Range: 4.5-21.5 ng/mL)

Androstenedione: 1.5 ng/dL (Range: 0.21-3.7 ng/dL)

Albumin: 4.98 g/dL (Range: 3.5-5.0 g/dL)

SHGB: 24.35 nmol/L (Range: 14-48.4 nmol/L)

LH: 4.9 mUI/mL (Range: 1.5-9.2 mUI/mL)

Total T: 371 ng/dL (Range: 245-1840 ng/dL) Average: 630 ng/dL

Free T: 11.0 pg/mL (Range: 8.8-27 pg/mL)

Bioavailable T: 1.95 ng/mL (Range: 0.91-3.37 ng/mL)

Can anyone point out if something is off with my results. Thanks

Your testosterone numbers are very low. Any drugs (prescription or otherwise) or steroids in your past?

Do you have any low testosterone symptoms and for how long? Delayed or early puberty?

No prescription drugs and no steroid use. No drug use in general.

I do have low test symptoms, that is the main reason I got them check.

Puberty with no issues. At the same time as all my peers.

Your LH number is decent. That’s what tells your testes to produce testosterone. I would get your thyroid labs checked. Tsh, free t3 and free t4. And maybe a testicular ultra sound. Your testes should be providing way more.

Did the symptoms suddenly appear? If so, maybe a high stress period can cause a temporary reduction.

One of the easiest ways to determine low T is if E2 is low, if E2 is low than FT is low for you. Doctors must now find out why you are low in hormones.

I think the symptoms have been building up these last 2 years. I don’t think it was something that just happened.

When it comes to stress, I have normal levels, like anybody else, so nothing severe.

I have an appointment with my endo tomorrow, so I’m waiting to see what she says. I’ve been thinking about testicular damage, only one thing comes to mind, but I was very young, maybe like 6 or 7. Is it possible to have damaged your testicles at a very young age, making them produce less testosterone than they should of, and go through puberty with no issues?

anything is possible. When I was in my early 20’s one my testicle got sucked up a vacuum (dont ask me why, lol) But I think i may have damages my testicle back then. Am thinking while i was younger my body was able to compensate but not no more.
Anyway, glad your going to endo. def do the testicular u/s. She may not order and send you to a urologist, but hopefully she will order. also, when doing lab on estradiol , do the sensitive estradiol test not the regular one.