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18 Y/O, Infertility Help After DHT Cycle


6 inch girth?!?! That’s not a penis sir that’s a kick stand. That’s like the size of the vagina when women give birth.

Ya I’m hovering right around the 6.5 to close to 7 when really pumped… Man sometimes this fellas gets so stiff it’s painful… Like the tip is about to blow off the shaft like a sewer grate…

LOL iv done similar things usually if I take a quick 10 min water break let the blood flow even back out I’m able to get the coach to put me back in the game

IDK. I agree and disagree. The problem with this is viagra if not used very properly and only by people who are in good enough health to use it things can go really bad… My buddy had like a mini heart attack chomping down one to many blue pills one time… I’m 28 so far this lil fella still gets rocked up like the first time he saw Stacy’s mom on MTV but when the day comes I need some medication to pop a stuffy you best belive il have assortment of every type of pill they have to offer

One thing I won’t do is rub wierd shit on my shlong tho… Jeez man I can’t stop thinking about that. I even went and did some research for a few hours last night about dht penis enlagment and 80% of shit I read were horror stories of exactly this guy’s situation… I just don’t understand the concept of using drugs without fully understanding them first.

I still never got my question answered by the op if you see this could you let me know if you kept your penis gainzzzzzz?

All those penis enlagment forums people have thier “stats” at the end of each post
Maybe UK start including mine everywhere here

Flacid: 2.75 inches
Erect 6.5 inches
Full erection 6.9 inches


Whats the difference between erect and full erect? Is it like Super Saiyan mode? Isn’t erect like all the way?



@zeek1414 alright here’s my “stats” lol

Flaccid: no idea
Erect: no idea


That’s the proper attitude


Ya bro. Erect is like watching some porn or getting pretty excited it is hard but not rocked up… Fully erect is like that 7am just dreamed about *insert your favorite celebrity * and you gotta piss real bad


Try a combo of cialis and levitra. Good liquid versions can be obtained at a good research chemicals/peptides website.


Hey bro, try 9mg boron, and 3000iu of vitamin D every morning with your coffee, and then reduce to 6mg and 2000iu after one week, do that for a month, and if it helps then let us know. Your SHGB is probably trough the roof, thus less free T.


Could you link me to the post you’re talking about? Thank you


Sadly yes, because 11 months have passed and in all this time I had low values of Androgens including DHT and therefore I lost the gains.


Oh my! Whoever could’ve predicted that? A more cynical man might say that wonder creams you buy on the internet that promise to make your dick bigger don’t work!


I didn’t get laid til I was 19, and I don’t even have autism/aspbergers. I was just a nerd.


Nothing wrong with that! I more or less bought my first peice of ass when I was 12 the girl was a senior and liked to Smoke weed so I bribed her with some bud and gave her what was probably the worse 3 mins of her life!


I was 14 - got blackout drunk on Vodka then had some fat girl take advantage of me in a barn on some hay


oooh we’re posting stats?

285 log press
615 deadlift

I’m pretty sure those are the only stats that matter in life.


wrist measurement’s pretty important, apparently


I think the most important measurements are clavical lengths


I thought it was bodyfat measurements while holding a shoe?



Lmao great analagy


There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Many are virgin until college years. Dont think you have to go out and have sex now just because you think you are “suppose” to have sex.

you have many years of sex, don’t worry mate.


Yea but I want to be having sex again, sex is fun… Just need to find a girl again. In America I had a really good friend that would help me out, set me up with girls and I could do the talking from there, however I have no idea how to start conversations… Or finish them.