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18 Y/O, Infertility Help After DHT Cycle


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I ran a 7-week DHT cycle, the pituitary gland stopped pulsing LH and my testicles stopped working during those 7 weeks.
It has been 1 year now but my testicular size and sperm has not improved.
My hypothesis is that my testicles (especially the receptors in the leydig cells) became desensitized to LH as they did not received any LH signals for 7 weeks.
I found an article that could confirm this hypothesis

The blood tests of 2 months ago say :
LH : 5.0
FSH : 1.9
TT : 6.0 ng/ml
E2 : 41 pg/ml
Inhibin B : 217.2 pg/ml
AMH : 18.9 ng/ml (very high)
Prolactin : 9.5 ng/ml
My testicular sizes are 12 ml and 10.5 ml.
The fact that LH (5.0) is high compared to Testosterone (6.0), suggests that leydig cells do not respond as they should to LH signal in producing testosterone.
This supports the hypothesis of Leydig cells desensitized to LH…

I wonder if HCG can resensitize Leydig cell receptors to LH.
You can read a lot about HCG dosages to reverse testicular atrophy but I am confused…

The things to avoid would be

  • Over stimulation of LH receptors with HCG because can further desensitize LH receptors (not good for recover).
  • Over stimulation of LH receptors with HCG because raises intratesticular E2 too much which cannot be managed with anastrozole (not good for recover).

I found a study on rats…

Tell me yours, thank you very much.


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1 year ago before I took that DHT gel, my testicles were bigger and fuller, my ejaculate was bigger and denser, my erections were more frequent and more intense.
I’m sure.
I know, I only fucked myself, I fucked my life, I was a fool.
It’s been 1 year since I took that damn gel but my balls haven’t recovered their size, their current measured volume is 10.5 and 12ml.
Before DHT they were about 16-17ml.
On March 11th I have an appointment with a new andrologist and I hope he can help me…
I wonder, is there anything I can do to recover the size of my balls, my sperm etc.?
I read about HCG, HMG, Nolvadex, Clomid but I’m afraid to do more harm, I haven’t taken anything since I stopped DHT.
I’m only 18 years old and can something help me? I’m depressed.


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