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18 Y/O, Infertility Help After DHT Cycle

Hi, guys. I need your help…
I am 18 years old and about 1 year ago I tried to increase my penis size by running a 7 week DHT cycle using a topical gel.
I was seeing a progressive increase in penis size and increased beard and hair growth but at the seventh week I stopped because I saw my balls shrink and I became worried.
Since then, I saw andrologists and doctors and explained everything, I did blood tests and LH, FSH, T were in the low limit but all the andrologists told me to wait 6-8 months, not to take anything and that I would come back well in the long run.
It’s been 11 months since I stopped DHT but my balls are still shrunk and almost nothing is recovered… I’m not as well as before…

I did sperm tests two months ago and the parameters are bad
Volume : 4.0 ml
Continence : 62 hours
Ph : 7.5
WBC : 300/ul
Total sperm count (TSC): 15.0 Million/ml
Progressive Motility : 20%
Normal forms : 16%.
Motile sperm concentration (MSC) : 3.0mil/ml
Functional sperm concentration (FSC) : 1.2 mil/ml
Sperm motility index (SMI): 45
DNA fragmentation index (DFI) : 27%
Hyaluronic Binding Assay (HBA) : 50%.

I also did the blood tests 1 month ago and the results are:
TT : 6.0 ng/ml Inhibin B : 217.2 pg/ml
E2 : 41 pg/ml Prolactin : 9.5 ng/ml
LH : 5.0 AMH : 18.9 ng/ml (very high)
FSH : 1.9

The only values that have slightly recovered in these months are LH before (March) 4.0, now 5.0, TT before 4.8, now 6.0, Prolactin before 21.5, now 9.5 but FSH has remained the same before 1.9, now 1.9 and also the testicle size has almost not changed.

Guys, what can I do now to try to recover my previous fertility and testicular size?
I read about low-dose HCG for a few weeks to restore first the testicle size and then Nolvadex for other weeks to recover the HPTA.
I don’t know what to do and I have been worried for almost a year…

Thank you so much to those who will try to help me.

How much bigger did your dong get?


So those pornhub pills do work! :joy:


Do you have a micro penis or below average size? Or did you do it for ‘gurlsss’ ? If so, this serves you right.

With that out of the way, you could try low dose SERM but to be honest you’re young enough for things to fix themselves. Dont start using all kinds of shit to complicate matters further.


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It was increasing in size but when I stopped DHT, my T and DHT levels were suppressed until now and therefore I lost my gains and my flaccid penis shrank…

The problem is that 10 months have gone by where I didn’t take anything anymore but my balls didn’t grow back and my sperm didn’t recover.
HCG in the right doses is used to recover size and fertility of the testis, why shouldn’t I try it?

I’m sure having a tiny dick must be kind of a nightmare to live with, but you can believe that the minute an actual reliable method of dong lengthening is invented that the world at large will rejoice and it’ll be available in every pharmacy worldwide for an absolutely astronomical fee.

So stop buying weird steroid creams off the internet and rubbing them on your junk.


Its not about the size, its what you can do with it! @Yogi1



Hence the low dose SERM therapy.

I have seen the low dose clomid therapy as opposed to Nolva works better for restarting the HPTA in most individuals. But it must be dosed appropriately as high doses of this drug will leave you an emotional wreck, combine that with a tiny penis and it wont be a good time.



All jokes aside I’m sure most men unless hung like an elephant at some point in thier life has thought about getting the willy a lil bigger. What I’m interested in knowing is how small was it bro for you to do this? And did it work? Did you keep your penis “gainz”?

Look into “jelking” not sure about all the bdetails but I’m sure it’s less harmful than this


I don’t have a micro penis, I just wanted a larger size because I am slightly below average.
DHT cycle was working quite well in increasing the size, the problem is that I did nothing to preserve my testicles on the cycle and when I stopped because I saw my testicles shrinking, I didn’t follow any PCT…

About low dose SERM therapy I agree with you but I read KSman’s post and found it very interesting. He says that Nolvadex would be a better option than Clomid.
He also advises to take first low-dose HCG to stimulate testicles before taking SERM.

What’s average?

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so what happened to all the extra size? Did it go away when you stopped?

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But you are not looking to do a full restart. You are already functioning, albeit subpar. You just need a little nudge.


I once shot tren into the base of my cock for a 12 week cycle. By the time I was done the pumps and cut were amazing. I lost some of the hair on my balls but totally worth it… Maybe try this next time

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Interestingly, dihydrotestosterone is the hormone responsible for maturation and growth of the penis DURING PUBERTY (notice I say DURING puberty).

Clinical trials have shown DHT, in young, pre pubertal to adolescent children/early teenagers, has a beneficial effect on phallus size (these trials are done on individuals with micropenis). Granted penile growth CAN continue on as late as an individual’s early 20s, the majority of men will have penile growth grind to a near halt around age 15. There’s a tanner scale to measure the different stages of puberty, the penis is typically at its adult size and shape when tanner V is reached. Thus the notion of using DHT to increase penis size at age 18 is silly unless the individual had CDGP.

While slight penile growth MAY be achieved by using supraphysiologic doses of a strong androgen for an individual such as the one above (and by strong androgen I mean STRONG, like dihydrotestosterone, fluoxymesterone, methyldihydrotestosterone etc). The benefit to risk assessment should put one off unless they have an ERECT penis smaller than like 3.5-4 inches.

About 6-12 months ago (can’t remember the specifics) this individual came on here and a few others (and myself) told him NOT to use the DHT gel as it would cause more harm than good (OP was convinced it wouldn’t supress his HPTA.

As to the testicular size, looks can be deceiving. Have you legitimately measured using an orchidometer? You mentioned having smaller than usual testis prior to using DHT and hinted at some form of primary testicular pathology, thus it may be advisable to get a testicular ultrasound or biopsy (though I’d vouch for the ultrasound as a testicular ultrasound doesn’t hurt)

At this point what you need isn’t more drugs, it’s more time. You most likely will recover given you don’t have any serious underlying endocrine complications.

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Pretty sure he was asking about your penis size, and was doing so just to make a point.

MY penis size? I have no clue, haven’t measured that since I was about fourteen. I’ve never understood the insecurity men have about penis sizes. Supposedly the G spot is only around 3 in deep, so what’s the need for a massive peen lol. Sure it’s a cool bonus but it isn’t that big of a deal in my opinion (unlike being tall #secretlyinsecureaboutmyheight)

If one is homosexual, I’m not sure how deep the prostate is but if it can be reached via prostate massage I doubt it’s that deep.

I don’t think women spend a lot of time looking at erect penises lol.


supposedly the average length of the erect penis is 5.17 inches, with a SD of .65 in, so I wouldn’t worry unless penis size was less than 4.5 in.

You said penile… Ha haha ha