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18 Y/O. Dumb Decision. Need Help with PCT After 4 week Cycle

Hey guys any help for this would be appreciated and yes, I know I’m stupid and made a mistake. I’m currently running a 10 week cycle of Test E 250 at 2ccs per week (1cc per injection twice a week.). I’m an 18 year old male sitting at around 215. I won’t tell every detail of why I did this so young, but it involves me being really stupid and trusting a ‘friend’ too much. Basically I’ve been running this cycle for around 4.5 weeks now and really never want to cycle again. I would like to stop now but I’ve heard it is worse to cut it off rather than just cycle through (Any thoughts on that? I am not opposed to stopping now if I’m being lied to.). I want to get advice as far as PCT goes, I’ve read many different forums and they all say the same thing Nolvadex and Clomid (As well as HCG but I have no means of getting that.) does anyone have a recommendation as to how mmuch and how many weeks? The common theme is 3-4 but as I stated I do NOT want to screw this up. I don’t want a dumb decision to screw me up, any advice is appreciated!

What do you have for PCT on hand now?

Well you already know running a cycle so young was a bad idea so we don’t need to rehash that. You already shut yourself down at 4.5 weeks and you should just be starting to see the benefits. I hate to say this, but why not ride it out at this point and start PCT post finish?

I may get some pushback from some of the vets on here, but let me throw out this suggestion: don’t do anything. You only ran test for 4.5 weeks. Maybe the solution to your problem—problem being the introduction of exogenous drugs that manipulate hormones at a young age—is to not add more drugs that manipulate your hormones. You didn’t run a full cycle, and though you’re most certainly shut down, it’s not as if you’ve been shut down for very long. You’re quite young, so one would honk that your natural homeostasis would return on its own. Clomid and Nolva are not side-effect-free. They’re pretty powerful drugs. I’m just not sure if the solution to your brief problem is to keep messing with your hormones. Maybe I’m totally wrong and one of the other guys on here will chime in. But it’s perhaps worth thinking about just letting your body recover without any extra drugs.

I have Clomid and Nolva is in shipping and will be here before I need my next shot, I don’t have means of getting HCG or any real perscription level stuff (I found a few trusted sites that sold Nolva.). I’m in between shots right now which is why I wanted to post and see if I should ride is out, use PCT, or just go cold turkey because I’m so young.

That’s what I’ve been told/read on many forums and it is true, I’ve just now begun having the insane hunger and “superman” feeling. That said I don’t really care for it, I’m not opposed to cutting the cycle now, or riding it out, I just wanted to see what the general consensus was before I did anything. I don’t 100% trust the expert I’m getting it from because of course he will say “keep going”, since he is getting my momey. I just to get some unbiased 3rd party opinions thanks for the input man!

What do you mean he is ‘getting your money’? What are you paying? Test is cheap. You should be able to run this for a couple hundred bucks and do it yourself.

yea that’s just completely false. Don’t know where you heard that. There’s no reason for it.

iron yuppie is wrong. I hope you don’t follow his advice, it’s bad.

blshaw is wrong as well. Every additional week on cycle makes for a longer and more risky recovery period. This is well documented. Being shut down for 10 weeks is NOT the same as being shut down for 5, as he would have you believe.

If you are not planning to do a cycle ever again, just stop now. You should be doing the things that best support your recovery. And that would be an immediate stop, followed by pct, which should begin 2 weeks after your last shot. you should run nolva at 20mg per day for 3 weeks, then 1 week at 10 mg.

I’m assuming you aren’t taking an AI, so I won’t discuss that.

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Is it not even worth discussing the possibility that a very young man could recover fully from a 4.5 week test run without taking additional drugs? I’m not sure telling a kid who did something dumb with drugs that he should take more drugs is exactly the right message. Do you see where I’m coming from?

it’s very possible, and actually likely, that he would recover without the drugs. It is MORE likely that he would make a full recovery with them. That’s why I suggest that.

Not all drugs are equal. I do see where you’re coming from, and I believe it is misguided. That’s like saying ‘cocaine almost ruined his life, and now you’re going to prescribe him antibiotics? He’s already taken enough drugs!’ Just because a drug caused a problem doesn’t mean one should avoid drugs.

Do you see where I’m coming from?

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Fair enough. I think I worry that he will learn that if he gets in a jam like this that he can bail out, run Clomid, and everything will be fine again. Once he sees that maybe he tries to run a cycle again, fails to think it through, or runs it at too young an age (again), and he ends up hurting himself more permanently. But ultimately you’re right. He would be best served to run a proper pct and get back to normal. I just hope he learns something valuable from this experience.

Already learned, that’s the reason I’ve posted. Like I said in my intro I made a dumb a** decision and I realized it 4 weeks in, I’m glad I posted early so i can stop this before it gets too out of hand.

I’m a dad, so sometimes I look at things while I’m in dad mode. I’m glad you learned and I’m even more glad you were smart enough to seek advice. Best of luck to you, truly.

I would have to ask the same thing if he didn’t use drugs to recover, and he recovered properly. ‘hey I ran that cycle, didn’t do ANYTHING after, and I still recovered just fine! Who needs PCT anyway??’ To me, that would be even more incentive to be reckless in the future. Which is actually a relatively common mentality I’ve observed.

But overall I think we’re on common ground.

Dad mode? I’m a father and he should do a PCT to allow for a full recovery.
Also dad mode should be left out when dealing with drugs :muscle: emotions are not factual.

I’m following your advice, I stopped the injections and am currently waiting to run Nolva. That said do you know of any good places to buy a pill form of it? The one I currently have on hand is liquid and I’m not 100% sure of the authenticity, plus I’m tired of needles, I sold the 2nd bottle of unopened test back to the guy so I have some extra cash atm. Do you recommend any sites?

well, this is not a source board. we don’t talk about that here.

why do you think liquids are less reliable than pills? They aren’t necessarily. I’ve used liquids successfully, and pills. The liquid form is generally what comes from research chem sites. I’ve seen steroid sites that sell pills and caps. Also, like, Indian pharmacies are a potential option.

I hope you weren’t planning on injecting the liquid nolva… it’s an oral solution. Please tell me you didn’t think that it had to be injected. That would make you sick real fucking fast. Your post seems to be associating the nolva with injection…

you’re too young…

Not at all, I was planning on using a needle to draw the Nolva (To make sure I get 1ml-20mg) then use it orally, and I’d assume I need a clean needle each time? I was going to use the needle simply to draw the substance, now inject. I was talking in the sense of I didn’t want to go buy more needles. Am I correct in my math? 20mg is 1ml? Is there an easier way to get 20mgs from a liquid?

… a dropper. not a needle. have you never seen an oral syringe? Lol I’ve never seen anyone use a needle for this. I mean, it would work I guess, but why?

EDIT: Oral syringes are also re-usable. just wash it off everytime. Since you’re dropping it orally, you aren’t really concerned with infection and sterility the way you have to be when injecting. But yea, absolutely no reason to spend the money on a new needle every time you use nolva. I’ve used the same oral syring for years, and it cost me like 50 cents.