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18 Y/O Diet and Supplement Advice


Hi I'm new to this forum and I hope this is the right place
For this post in looking for some help with my diet and the supplements to take a little background on me I've been training almost a year about 6 months seriously I've really found a passion for bodybuilding and I'm trying to do everything i can to get a respectable physique.

I started out before I was lifting pretty fat then when i started lifting I did a cut and a bulk I'm still holding a good amount of fat so I've decided to cut until I'm 9-10% body fat and then clean bulk from there right now I'm eating 1900-2000 calories a day about 220 grams of protien 65-70 grams of carbs and 40 Grams of fat I train 6 days a week Monday shoulder traps and cardio ab,Tuesday I do chest tris in the morning then biceps forearms and cardio at night,wensday I do cardio and abs in the morning and legs at night,Thursday I do Arms in the morning and shoulders and traps at night

Friday I do chest in the morning and back at night with cardio Saturday's a rest day and Sunday I just do cardio. The supplements I take are a thyroid simulator by gold star infa red thermogenic by gold star creature creatine and a liver and organ support I am trying to look as best as I possibly can and was wondering if my current diet and everything is enough to reach my goals and if anyone has any suggestions I'll gladly listen in willing to do whatever it takes.

I'm including some pictures so you can see what I'm working with I carry most my fat on my sides


Welcome to the forum. My comments below:


I would seriously suggest that you just train hard and eat well until you get your mass up. If you can do this whilst keeping fat relatively low, then kudos. But you don’t need to worry about ‘cutting’ per se just yet.

Nutritional Intake:

How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Carbs seem very low considering how often you train and that your overall goal is mass. Suggest you review this and consider increasing carbs, especially pre/post session.

Training Split:

Seems pretty complicated for a beginner; what’s the rationale behind it? I would suggest cutting the amount of training you are doing down, cutting out all the b/s exercises and perhaps hitting either:

a) Whole body, 3 x week, focusing on compound lifts, 8-12 reps, 75% 1RM. (Old school training method, won favour with many of the old masters)

b) Simple split (Legs, Push, Pull), again focusing on the basics, 8-12 reps, 75% 1RM.

c) Squats and Milk


Why are you taking the things you have listed? I would suggest protein, creatine and carbs is all you need to start. If you are not taking anything else you shouldn’t need the ‘liver and organ support’ which is designed for people on the gear who put additional strain on their organs / liver. Steer away from thermogenics and T hormone stimulators until you’re much bigger. Concentrate on getting it right using the basics of hard training, clean eating and sleep!

Hope this helps, just my 2 pence worth. Sure others will chime in too. Good luck!


I would like to have mass and also be lean I am 5,9 174.6 I am taking the organ support because a friend recommended it to take for overall health I am not on gear and I haven’t done that I train as often as I do because i try to workout as often as I can and I really enjoy it


Unless there’s a specific pressing reason why you especially want to be lean by a particular date that’s coming up, I’d agree completely with Airborne that to best accomplish your goals, it would be best to stop cutting at the moment.

The reason is that you’re in a great position to add for example 10 pounds of muscle relatively quickly right now. This is because you’re relatively new to weight training, you’ve acclimated yourself to what sounds like high volume training (which can help set you up for gains on lower volume), and you’ve been cutting while making your progress thus far.

Your metabolism is also likely now slowed from your time at low calories and amount of fat loss, or if not, soon would be on your present diet.

Why the importance on gaining the 10 lb or so of muscle when your bigger concern is cutting? Because the muscle increase will greatly improve your later fat loss.

In future when cutting, don’t drop fat so low, as that impairs testosterone production. 80 grams per day would be a more reasonable minimum. By the way if your calories are accurate then at least one of your gram figures for macronutrients is off, as they’d total only about 1500 cal. I would keep the carbs at least 100 g, and quite likely 150-200.


What would you suggest my macros and number of calories be to gain mass


Certainly at least 15 cal per lb of bodyweight. That’s not a bulking amount, but you likely won’t need a bulking approach at this time. At your age and lifting experience level, fast gains can come without needing to add fat at the same time. I’d aim simply to definitely not still be losing fat (for a couple or a few months anyway while you make muscle gains) and also not adding it at all rapidly.

So long as definitely not adding bodyfat, I’d gradually increase calories per day, such as each week increasing by 100-200 calories per day until convinced you’ve slightly overshot, and then go back to the most that seemed right.

You could also eat simply according to what seems instinctually correct. That’s likely to be about the correct amount, if the nutritional quality of food is good.

Protein at least 1 g per lb of lean bodyweight, it’s fine for it to be more but it’s unlikely that there’s much point to going past for example 300 g/day. Fat 30-40% of calories. Carbs the remainder, most likely at least 200 g/day.