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18 Y/O and Hexarelin

So I’ve been tossing around the idea of running 100-200mcgs of Hex for 3 weeks.

For one, I like the idea that GH helps with injury repair. I’m still recovering from my surgery, so I’d like to speed it up a little. Secondly, most studies indicate that unlike exogenous GH, Hex doesn’t cause pituitary shutdown. I can post the research later if you’d like.

I’m wondering a couple of things.

  1. Much like AAS, will taking this at 18 cause me permanent shutdown? The study was done with young dogs, and they’re GH production bounced right back, which makes me think that in someone as young as me, I’d be safe. I wouldn’t be running an absurd amount, just because I’d like to avoid the side-effects of GH (increased bone growth, GH gut, etc.)

I’d probably run this around Thanksgiving since we’ve got a nice break then from baseball. Plus I could have my GF help me with injections.

Just wanna get a base reading to see how safe/dangerous this is. I know a lot about how AAS would mess me up at this age, just wondering about Hex.

Also, I was reading that dosing Hex with GHRP-6 would more than double the effects, since they seem to be synergistic with each other. However, studies I’ve read indicate that GHRP-6 DOES cause GH shutdown. Would Hex negate these effects if I ran the Hex a week or two longer since it seems to jumpstart the pituitary?

Anyone have any input? Even something as simple as “Bad Idea” would be enough. I’m really wary of causing long-term side effects.

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From what I’ve read, I would run between 150-200mcg of Hex a day for 2 weeks at a time. I would save the GHRP-6 for a later run. Start with one chemical at a time.

The messed up thing about Hex is the discrepancy in information, just from the damn studies alone. One study show a lessening effect around 2 weeks, so there is a loop back mechanism at work there, i would think.

You can’t increase HG and IGF-1 without the negative feedback effects of IGF-1 on the GH control system. While HEX may maintain HG release from the pituitary, GHRH from the hypothalamus will be shut down… no question.

I have read that HEX sort of wears out after a while… not many references to that and the source may have been an anecdotal impression, not research.

Many young guys have high GH levels already.

GHRP-6 can create intense hunger… do you want to gain fat based weight?