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18 Y/O. 600mg vs 900mg Test E

Hey all, I’ll give you all a few stats and history first.
Age: 18 Height: 6’0” Weight: 205 lbs BF: 7%
S: 645 D: 755 B: 365

So I’ve been training seriously for about 4 years, since I was 14 and hadn’t really gotten into AAS until last summer. I had just turned 18 and naturally had a 610 deadlift, 495 squat, and 305 bench. I ran a 5 week cycle of m1t, starting in May, and got to a 685 deadlift, and a 585 squat. PCT on Nolva for about 6 weeks, kept all of my strength.

Around September I decided I’m going to blast and cruise for the rest of my life and had decided on 500 mg of Test E as my cruise dose and never decided to up the dose, as I believe in “less is more”. I’ve continually gained strength from that, ended up switching my source who provides 300 mg/ml instead of 250 mg/ml which had put me at 600 mg per week and was still making steady gains. I told myself I wouldn’t add anything or up the dose to a blast until I’ve plateaued for a couple of months. My main question is, “Will blasting on 900 mg for about 8 weeks make any difference in strength?”

You’d actually be better lowering your dose for a while rather than constantly pushing it higher and higher. After a while your body just gets used to the high levels and they don’t work as well anymore.

Lower your dose to 250mg for 12 weeks or so. I know, I know, you don’t want to do that but you won’t much and what you do will come back quickly.

There’s a reason why it’s called blast and cruise and not blast and blast. Once you’ve been on the lower doses for a while you’ll grow like fuck when you blast again.

Rinse, repeat.


Incredible numbers for that bodyweight. You’re probably going to get a lot of negativity regarding your age. At 18, its hard to know what you will want out of life when you are 25, 30… etc etc. You taking a significant risk with this path. Best of luck to you.


I agree with Yogi. It’ll be better for your health, and long-term you’ll be able to make greater gains on less gear if you cruise lower.

You will be able to tell a difference between 600 and 900. That’s a 50% increase, which is a big deal.

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I agree, I had researched it and kept getting different answers about whether over-saturating your androgen receptors is true or not. But since it appears to be true, I guess lowering my dose for a bit would be better. The again, I read that typically pro level bodybuilders/ powerlifters usually just take more, as they were saying someone with 230 lbs of pure muscle will not be able to gain, much less sustain that muscle with only 500 mg of test and would need to just up the dose. Kind of like how you can’t steadily grow on the same amount of protein forever, as your muscles would eventually require more. Kind of torn between both sides :confused:

Honestly, health is kind of on the back-burner for me when compared to bodybuilding/powerlifting. I’m not really into this to be “healthy” persay

you say that now, but as you get older you’ll realize how important it is to stay relatively healthy to continue to support your muscular gains. You HAVE to manage things like blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health if you want to be successful in bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, any iron sport. When you’re not healthy, you lose appetite, your blood pressure gets too high, cortisol raises, all sorts of things that will prevent your from reaching whatever goals you have.

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I don’t know the science of it, but it’s definitely the case that after 10 weeks or so the shit just slows down. You need to come down in dose for a while before you go back up. Trust me on this.

Well yeah those dudes take way more but they still come down between cycles. And genetic individuality here is huge. Some big dudes are blasting 4 grams, but there’s dudes on the Olympia stage using less than half of that.

Even if you don’t give a shit about health (good luck with that, by the way) you need to think super long term about how to keep your drug use as efficient as possible. If you jump up too fast in doses then you’ll just need higher and higher doses to keep gaining. You could probably gain just fine doing another cycle of 600mg. Get the maximum use out of the minimum dose.

That’s not a cruise dose. You’re not doing bnc, you’re just permablasting. Listen to these guys, they know their stuff.

Well that’s because your brain isn’t fully formed yet. And no, I’m not being insulting. Guys at 18 don’t understand consequences the way they do at age 35. It’s biological. There is a way for you to go down this path—which is what you want, and good for you for going after it—while still being relatively healthy about it.

Excellent answer bub !

Now I know this for a fact, the more and longer you take it ,over time, your body will lower your numbers and you’ll be stuck with low testosterone !!