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18 Weeks to Pro -Training Log

I wanted to try and keep a training log online as I attempt to win my WNBF pro card in May in Des Moines, IA. I am not always consistent about getting on and doing it, but have always wanted to. I started training last week so I am already a week behind so now it is catch up time!

Pics from my last contest are in my profile. I may do update pics on here from time to time as I go. I tried to upload my posing routine from my last show to my profile also, but not sure yet if it worked.

My supps:
BCAA’s pre-cardio in the morning and pre and post workout and before bed
Glucosamine and Chondroitin
Caffeine and Tyrosine - Pre workout

NANBF has banned HOT-ROX so I am going to have to construct my own. I am looking at using a Scorch, Yohimbe, and Carbolin 19 stack. Gets me close to the HOT-ROX formula with the 7-keto which is banned.

Week 1 Catch Up Post

271g Protein, 118g Carbs, 56g Fat

30 min. Cardio

SL Deadlift 135x20 for 6 sets
Leg Curl 40x20 for 6 sets
Lat Pulldown 85x20 for 6 sets
LP Row 50x20 for 5 sets, 50x16 1 set
Bicep Curl 40x20 for 2 sets, 40x16 for 1 set, 30x20 for 3 sets
Calf Extension 250x20 for 6 sets
Shruggs 180x20 for 6 sets


277g Protein, 110g Carbs, 70g Fat

30 min. Cardio

Squat 135x20 for 6 sets
Leg Ext 55x20 for 6 sets
Incline DB 45X20 for 2 sets, 45x15 for 1 set, 35x16 for 3 sets
Cable Crossovers 20x20 for 6 sets
Tricep Ext 42.5x20 for 6 sets
Arnold Presses 25x20 for 6 sets


252g Protein, 128g Carbs, 68g Fat

30 min. Cardio



Diet -Thru Pre-workout
192g Protein, 100g Carbs, 45g Fat

Slept in after up most of night with sick baby

Squat 225x12 for 2 sets
SL Deadlift 225x12 for 2 sets
Leg Ext 160x12 for 2 sets
Leg Curl 110x12 for 2 sets
Calf Press 370x12 for 2 sets
Pulldowns 80x9 for 2 sets
LP Row 80x12 for 2 sets
Incline DB 100x8 for 2 sets
Crossover 30x12 for 2 sets
Shruggs 270x12 for 2 sets
Bicep Curls 70x12 for 2 sets
Tricep Ext 65x12 for 2 sets
Arnold Presses 55x12 for 2 sets


Diet - From Post workout Thurs until bedtime on Friday
295g Protein, 1422g Carbs, 49g Fat

Rest Day Otherwise!


235g Protein, 168g Carbs, 48g Fat

a1. Squat 315x3, 295x4, 295x3
a2. Shrugg 360x6, 360x6, 360x6

b1. Deadlift 335x5, 335x4, 335x4
b2. Seated Calf 230x6, 230x6, 230x6

c1. Bench 315x6, 315x5, 315x4
c2. Barbell Row 185x6, 195x6, 195x6

d1. Chin Up BWx6, BWx6, BWx4
d2. Arnold Press 75x6, 75x6, 75x6

e1. DB Bicep Curl 50x6, 50x6, 50x6
e2. OH Tricep Ext 80x6, 87.5x6, 87.5x6


258g Protein, 168g Carbs, 76g Fat

Rest of day for resting and watching football!


242g Protein, 146g Carbs, 40g Fat

30 min. Cardio

Leg Curl 50x20 for 6 sets
Glute/Ham Machine 90x20 for 6 sets
Lat Pulldown 85x20 for 6 sets
LP Row 60x20 for 6 sets
Calf Press 290x20 for 6 sets
Shruggs 230x20 for 6 sets
Bicep Curl 40x20 for 6 sets

Other Various Info:

I average 60-75 seconds between all sets including between x1. and x2. on Saturday’s workout.

My starting bodyweight is 276 and I am 6-5. I am hoping to compete in the 240’s somewhere. I last competed in May 2005 at 218.

Why is HOT-ROX banned?

[quote]Myosin wrote:
Why is HOT-ROX banned?[/quote]

They banned DHEA and all derivatives of it, including 7-keto.

Here is the obligatory before shot in my messy bathroom from the first week of January to use as a starting reference point.

For the bodyfat experts I am sorry I forgot to hold a shoe in the picture.

Any pics for us?

nice work so far. are the high rep days ‘fat burning days’? or are they effective at muscle building?

[quote]Hawkson101 wrote:
nice work so far. are the high rep days ‘fat burning days’? or are they effective at muscle building?[/quote]

It is primarily lactic acid training in an effort to stimulate GH release. It also works nice to deplete glycogen levels to make the cardio more effective. The carb up day after 3 3/4 days of the lower carb/lactic acid training helps signal the body that it is not starving and the replenishes glycogen for the strength work on Saturday.

The main goal for me is to lose fat while keeping muscle loss to an absolute minimum. Some will recognize it as a take on the Ultimate Diet, which it is, and my adjustments for me and my goals and what I know works for my body after several years of training and previous pre-contest routines.

Good luck bro you look like you know what your doing and got it all planned out. l8trz

[quote]That One Guy wrote:
Good luck bro you look like you know what your doing and got it all planned out. l8trz[/quote]

Thanks, bro. I guess I will know how the plan came together in May…


266g Protein, 161g Carbs, 50g Fat

30 min. Cardio

Leg Press 230x20 for 6 sets
Leg Ext 70x20 for 6 sets
Incline DB 40x20 for 6 sets
Hammer Strength Incline 70x20 for 6 sets
Seated Tricep Press 130x20 for 6 sets
Arnold Press 30x20 for 3 sets, 30x16 for 3 sets