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18 Weeks Out From Competition


I have two competitions coming up in March 3rd and last weekend.. Starting weight was 223 a few weeks ago. I will not step on a scale again until the week of the show its just how I do it. I will however monitor my caliper measurements from here on out. Expecting to step on stage near the top of the light heavy class. I am going to try to update this regularily with progress pictures and videos.




Side tri BTW these are all from the same day


good luck, lookin good and post more :wink:


Ya this should be good. You seem to really know your shit. Looks like you have some hardware from some previous contests as well.




Definitely following along. I know you competed a while back (how long has it been again?), so gonna be very cool seeing ya dust off the ol' competition mentality and hit it hard!



Post more.



Damn dude, you look awesome I cant imagine how youl look competition ready!! All the best man


Excited to follow along. What's your training, diet, cardio going to look like?


Last contest was 8 years.. I have taken a few overalls.. Those were at middleweight .. Expecting to do well but it's like football it depends on who shows up.. I am currently on a 5 day meat and green veggie diet 6
Meals a day with minimal carbs like ezekiel toast or oatmeal but only for breakfast.. Approx 2500 calories per day. Then two cheat days on weekend. This will change in January.

Minimal cardio maybe 25 min 3 times a week at the most. I won't increase this unless I have to. I'll post more photos in time.. Just getting back to posing so I'm still working on the quality.. It's been awhile.


If you ever want to write up something about your "journey" to getting big, there are many posters on here (including myself) who would be very interested to read it. Along with what your lifting has looked like over the years (i.e. what sort of splits/etc you have done, etc). And any thoughts on training from the beginner to intermediate to advanced stages. Really good stuff--very impressive physique.


[quote]Swolle wrote:
I am currently on a 5 day meat and green veggie diet 6 Meals a day with minimal carbs like ezekiel toast or oatmeal but only for breakfast.. Approx 2500 calories per day. Then two cheat days on weekend./quote]

awesome! another ADer i assume?


Definitely will be following this closely. I am excited to see the way you approach prep, etc. This will be a learning opportunity and experience for sure.

Also would like to hear a bit more about your past contests/training history/etc if you have the time.


Looking good as usual :slight_smile:

Good luck with the prep.


Count me in for the ride... But thats only so I can look at Dark Ninja's Avatar

Seriously though, if you could write a little bit about your lifting and eating over the years it would be a great read I'm sure.


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Ok as far as my "Journey" this is my 18th year of training.. In the 18 years I haven't missed more than a week or two here or there unless I had an injury or illness. I have changed my workouts so much over the years that I really would never have the time to detail it all. What I can say is that as I have aged I have changed my workouts significantly. Several things I have learned on my journey are as follows: What works for one person generally doesnt work the same for the next person, some people have better genetics than others, training brings pain and not knowing good from bad leads to injury. I would rather answer specific questions about diet or training than just go on and on about my entire history. I will tell you all that I have used Beverly International Protein for years. I don't buy into alot of other supplements. I believe supplements are just that supplemental to a good diet. Also I follow Beverlys diet plan when it comes to competition dieting. It has always worked for *me. As for training I will share something that for me has worked well. I have not back squatted more than 350ish for more than 7 years. I injured my back squatting years ago and for a couple years did nothing for legs except romanian split squats. Although I did do them with 100 lbs dumbells, this was my leg training for about 2 years. After my low back felt normal I began front squatting and training with the hip sled.. I can and will say that although I could back squat 500 plus for reps at one time, I gained more leg size from doing front squats and sled than i ever did back squatting and with less risk to my back. Not sure why I can deadlift both straight leg and regular and my back is fine but every time I think I want to begin back squats again within a week or two i get the all to familiar feeling in my low back. I do ghetto glut/ham raises and deads for my hamstrings and they are as strong as they were when I back squatted so I just dont back squat any more. Thats enough for now.


Ya your leg training definitely looks a little unconventional and they look like your strongest point. Would you mind posting your typical leg routine with frequency, exercises, sets and reps?


Agree with maiden