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18 Weeks In, Blood Pressure Elevated

I am on week 17-18 of TRT

I had a routine doctor appointment today and they noticed my blood pressure was elevated. I am not due for blood work for another 8 weeks.

Do I need to get blood tested ? Do I need to donate blood?

I am on 160mg test c per week . Split into two doses. No AI and no HCG


I think now is the time to run labs in order to determine the cause of the elevated blood pressure.

Your protocol is probably in need of adjustment. Your labs will determine whether or not you need to donate blood.

What specifically would I look for? Hemocrit value?

What are your before and after readings?

Has your bodyweight changed?

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Numbers. What were the numbers? Which did they use? How big is your arm? Was traffic pissing you off on the way there? Bloodwork isn’t likely to tell you anything, and is likely a waste of time and money at this point.

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I’ve gain about 8-10 pounds


Today’s was 153/100

I did increase my test dosage slightly last week to compensate for discontinuation of HCG. Increase was from 80mg to 90mg

That sounds like fluid retention. It’s a little early to be losing visceral fat, but have you? Maybe do not need to? Can you tell you’re holding water? Given time, this may return to normal and if not, you’ll need to do something different. In the meantime, you can try some OTC stuff, Juniper Berry, Vit B6 (300mg), Magnesium/Potassium, Dandelion, Ginger, etc.

See if you can get an early morning BP check, maybe outside of the doctor’s office.


I had a big problem with blood pressure and had numbers similar to yours which was related to excessive fluid retention. A diuretic dropped blood pressure and started feeling good again.

Though you need to watch potassium because diuretics can deplete potassium. I take extra potassium on days that I take the diuretic.

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Yes I’ve been holding additional water for about 8 weeks. My face is puffed up like a puffer fish.

I’m around 18%bf

What’s a good OTC diuretic

Hey man. Somebody told me you know post finasteride doctors? I’m in San Diego can you recommend someone? My brain literally feels damaged right now I have no idea what to do


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Thanks, I picked up a supplement that has juniper berry, dandelion etc .

I’ll start taking it tomorrow

Fingers crossed