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18 Week Cycle. Feeling Side Effects After Starting PCT


Test, e2, cholesterol, hct, all the fun stuff. It’s just prudent to have that data point so that you can see how you responded to pct.


12 week test enanthate cycle
Week 13-Aromasin (25 mg/day)
Week 14-Nolvadex (20 mg/day), Aromasin (25 mg/day)
Week 15-Nolvadex (20 mg/day), Aromasin (25 mg/day
Week 16-Nolvadex (20 mg/day), Aromasin (25 mg/day)
Week 17-Nolvadex (20 mg/day), Aromasin (25 mg/day)
Week 18-Nolvadex (20 mg/day), Aromasin (25 mg/day)
Week 19-Nolvadex (20 mg/day), Aromasin (25 mg/day)
Week 20-Aromasin (25 mg/day)

Can is use this cycle after a few days of break, ohr how should i continue?


I’m starting to think your trolling now… @iron_yuppie just told you about 3 times in this thread what to do… Your grammar makes me think you might not speak or understand English all that well either that or you don’t want to listen


My God. Why? Why aromasin during pct and why at 25mg a day? Do you just hate your body? Do you want to make yourself suicidally depressed?


Please listen to Iron… I personally know what it feels like to crash your E2 and its miserable.


Hey Guys, I visited the doctor on wednesday. Thursday he did a bloodcount.

Here the results:
Lh 0,4
SHGB 36.1
FSH <0.3
TSH 2.69
PROL 268
Estradiol E2 12.9
TESTG 1.57 (-)
FANI adrogener Index 15.1 (-)

I continue than with 20mg tomaxifen. should I only take tamoxifen?

and whatz do you think after these stats, what is the best to continue and bring back to the normal?

Now im 21 days off from testo e.


Those numbers are not really useful without the ranges. But assuming that the ranges are somewhat familiar to me I’ll go ahead and say that your e2 is extremely low and that a ton of your problems are coming from that.


the thing ist, i took zoloft over 17 years. Is this a problem with tamoxifen in the pct?



This is my full bloodpicture with ranges.

And i need zoloft every day 50mg. Can i use tamoxifen though? Or should i stay with clomid because of the ssri?


what do you think guys?


My understanding and plz don’t freak out but from what I have been told ssri CAN prevent the liver from turning nolva into its active form endoxifen. With that being said tho these studys are done on mostly woman and zoloft is not in the high ranks of ssri. It’s more medium low. My buddy said he had no problem what so ever taking his zoloft and nolva pct. I think your low E2 is causing a lot of anxiety on you right now and you need to try to stay out of your head as much as possible keep doing the pct iron yuppie suggested eat healthy, work out, take your vitamins, relax, and check you blood again in another 4-6 weeks your only 3 weeks into pct from a long cycle give it some time


i found this:

suggest the co-prescribing of antidepressants and tamoxifen be guided by three principles. First, antidepressants should be selectively prescribed to patients likely to benefit. This is plainly true of all treatments, but it warrants explicit mention here in view of the limited utility of SSRIs in people with mild to moderate depression.22 Second, controversy notwithstanding, pragmatism dictates preferential avoidance of antidepressants known to inhibit CYP2D6, including fluoxetine, duloxetine, bupropion, and especially paroxetine.23 Sertraline, citalopram, escitalopram, and venlafaxine impart lesser degrees of inhibition and are reasonable alternatives. Finally, for women already taking tamoxifen with a known CYP2D6 inhibitor, any change in treatment should be gradual to minimize the risks of SSRI withdrawal and the idiosyncratic adverse effects commonly seen on initiation of treatment.*

Sertralin=Zoloft should be not a problem with tamox in this thread?

Then I’m still trying tamoxifen 20mg for the next 4 weeks? Because i stopped the clomid yesterday.


but why i should not take the aromasin?

there are so many who recommend it in the pct.

Looh here: https://www.evolutionary.org/forums/anabolic-steroids-peds/why-run-aromasin-pct-i-ll-tell-you-why-266.html

Serms like nolva and clomifen can increease the e2.

Nolva 20,20,10,10,10
Clomid 25mg eod for 4 weeks
Aromasin week 1-4 12,5mg eod and 5-6 week 7,5 eod.

Or can i really ignore the aromasin and use only tamox and clomi?

can someone please tell me an exact dosage with days of the week and medication?


My understanding of nolva is that it blocks the estrogen receptors making your body think it has no estrogen leading to the increase of natural testosterone or something a long those lines but regardless of all that… Bro you have NO estrogen to control? Why would you take a drug like aromasin that drastically lowers estrogen when you have NONE


I’m going to make your life infinitely better with one sentence: Never, ever listen to advice given on Evo. That place is like a minefield of broscience and grey market shills.

You don’t take aromasin while on pct because you don’t need to kill off estrogen. The reason it’s taken on cycle is because excessive amounts of test aromatise and that needs to be controlled. Once you’re off test your body is trying to return to homeostasis. You’re producing testosterone again, little by little, and with it you’re also getting back into a normal rhythm with the test/e2 balance. You don’t want to throw that e2 number to 0 while you’re trying to get back to your natural baseline.


Would it be okay if I did not take anything for the time being and wait? I stopped the clomid now for 3 days and im feeling better.

Now I am afraid that it is getting worse again with the tamoxifen.

What do you think?

or would it be important to take tamox or clomid easily?


What do you think guys? Because my estrogen is not high. Why i need tamox or clomid?