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18 Week Cycle. Feeling Side Effects After Starting PCT


i have a big problem. i used for 18 weeks 250mg testo enantat every 4 Days.

after these 18 weeks, i waited for 14 days and then i start with 100mg clomid day 1 + 40mg tamoxifen day 1, day 2 50mg clomid, tamox 40mg, day 3 50mg clomid and tamox 20mg.

Now im feeling terrible, i got depression and my libido is gone. Before the start with the pct, im feeling great, After 14 days without injects, i had sex, my mood was very good and now all is gone.

i do not get an erection anymore since day 1 with the clomid and nolva.

What do you think? What can i do now? I feel so bad right now and i am afraid that it will ne never again like before.

during the cycle with testo, im felt so great.

Stats are 199ilb, 178cm tall.

How many days have you been on pct? Also, Clomid does not make you feel good. It’s got a laundry list of unpleasant sides.

I have been on clomid for 4 days now. Tamoxifen 40mg on day 1 with 100mg clomid, day 2: 50mg clomid and 40mg tamoxifen and day 3: 50mg clomid but without tamox, day 4: 25mg clomid.

My buddy told me to make a break with tamoxifen for a few days and then it start with 10mg for 5-6 weeks and clomid 25mg for 28 days.

What did you mean? But my depression is very hard at the moment and my libido is down and the worst thing is that I can not get an erection.

should i remove the clomid and take only the tamoxifen?

Can i combine anastrozol with tamoxifen?

can the estrogen have become higher through clomifen?

You don’t need to run both clomid and nolva. Try Nolva only. You don’t need anastrozole at this point.

and its not a problem to remove the clomid now and take only tamox?

in which dosage should I take tamoxifen?

You are four days into pct and still not feeling well. That’s absolutely normal. You don’t go from shut down back to business as usual in four days. It’s why pct is run 4-6 weeks. You’re expecting way too much too fast.

Did you take anything to control your oestrogen when you were on?

SERMs compete for the ER (ER antagonism), however clomiphene is actually composed of two different isomers (zuclomiphene and enclomiphene). Zuclomiphene is actually an AGONIST of the ER (activates the ER thus has antigonadotrophic activity and when taken alone can be used for like… Chemical castration) the brain has ER too, thus clomiphene is known to have nasty mental sides, fuck with libido and whatnot. Tamox is a pro-drug (think pro-hormones) before it’s metabolised it actually has very little affinity for the ER, it’s metabolites afimoxefene and endoxifen are the drugs that do most of the… Sermy work, this is unrelated to the topic at hand but an interesting titbit of information some people might not know.

Potentially try dropping the Clomid and see how you feel (but I didn’t give that advice because i’m legitimately not qualified to give advice about drugs, it came from… Over there)

You’re probably feeling extra shitty rn though because you’re shut down.


Maaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllvvvvaaaaaa Puuuuuuuuddddddddiiiinnngg

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Thanks for asking guys.

Im taking 5 days clomid now ans my Depression will be more every day.

Cam i remove the clomid now and Switch so tamoxifen 20ng for 6 weeks?

Please help me. Im feeling so Bad at the Moment

Did you take anything for oestrogen control when you were on cycle?

This is the second time I’ve asked and it’s an important question so answer it.

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In the middle of my Cycle i used Only 2 weeks 0,25mg eod anostrozol than i stopped it because of pain i my Elbow.

I used it because i got a gyno on my right nipple but in the Cycle the gyno didnt get better.

Now After stopped testo the knot in my chest get better and smaller.

Maybe the high e2 is now the reason for my Problems? but i heard the combine with clomifen/tamoxifen with anostrozol is not possible? Only aromasin? I dont have aromasin only anostrozol

What should i do now?

The pct was since saturday(01.12.2018)
01.12. 100mg clomid, 40mg tamox
02.12. 50mg clomid, 40mg tamox
03.12. 50mg clomid
04.12 25mg clomid
05.12 25mg clomid

How should i Continue now?

Short of prying the bottle of clomid away from you it looks like a few people have already suggested what you should do. Maybe we’re not reading the same thread?

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Stop. Taking. The. Goddamn. Clomid.


Also I’m curious I don’t have much first hand experience with this stuff just knowledge from what I have read so I don’t give advice… But I’m curious if you had read up on 18 week cycles before you started? Your shutting your nuts down for essentially 20 weeks. The longer you keep em out of the game the harder it’s gonna be afterwards. These extenended cycles seem to be popular for people on a blast and cruise theme. If you spend some time researching you will find people in the same scenario as you having run a 18 week cycle in a position where they have having a hard time now.

okay, and now ist what do ? Than i stopped today the clomid cycle and give a break for a few days with all or begin with tamoxifen 20mg? And how long?

Pleasse help me guys.

I’m not experienced enough to give you advice but I Googled your situation and found plenty of recommendations most showing a 6 week nolva pct at 40/40/20/20/10/10 there is a few variations to this tho… I would suggest starting with Google and do some research until one of the more experienced members give you some advice.

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Just run Nolva the way a million other pcts are run, man. Run it at 40 for two weeks, then 20 for two. If you want you can extend out another week or two, but you should get blood work done at the end of the four weeks instead of guessing.

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Question @iron_yuppie at the end of pct when blood work is done what are you looking for? Just testosterone to be within a normal range?