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18 & Training 2 Years






legs and back pictures?

Hawt abz

Are you bent?

Solid delts you got, but what’s the point of posting the same pose multiple times. We get it, you have the abz and know how to lift your shirt up. Real men tear them off

sweet abs dawg

you are going to need to post some leg and back pictures before you get flamed!

You have some real good potential.

Ok thx. I will get on that.

Front double Bicep.
Back double bicep.
Leg shot.

No more hawt abz pics please lol

Excellent potential.

good potential…too bad your a douche for not posting all required pics read the stickies for the love of god.

bf % from profile: 2-4%

what part of MA you from?

For what it’s worth, you need to add a shit ton of mass

Your delts are fucking sick.

[quote]Zackgsc wrote:
Your delts are fucking sick.[/quote]

Im gonna go with lighting and camera angle tricks until proven otherwise

x2 on lighting, either way your going to be one big negro in a couple years