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18, Planning to Do a Sus + Deca Cycle


Introduction & About Me
Okay so I’m 18, 170 CM Tall and 124 lbs of weight, and at least 100+ lbs of Lean Body Mass, I’m planning to join the military but want to pack on some mass to give myself a competitive edge as in my country the Military is competitive and the fitter go into the better regiments with better pay and benefits, my parents pretty much want me out of the house ASAP and in 1 Years time I will probably be wearing a uniform… I want to build the muscle fast as I need to focus the most on my endurance and I’ve got a solid understanding of how bulking works… However I’m 5 ft 7" tall and my growth plates are still active so I don’t want them to close, I was recommended by a buddy on a Sus + Deca cycle for my 1st Cycle… I’ll probably only ever do one just to give me the boost
Now I’m a beginner in this and it has came to my understanding that you can take some kind of support stopping estrogen from rising thus there’s less risk of your growth plates closing as height does help in life and I need it, I heard you can gain 22 lbs from a cycle which is mental and I’ve got a breif understanding of how cycles work so say if you do 12 weeks you hit your peak amount of the substance then it goes down like you went up to hit the peak

The question I’m asking is how can I stop estrogen from getting larger, I heard there are certain supports to stop gyno and some stop other things, Do any stop growth plates from closing, My Dad is like an inch taller than me and my mum is a couple of inches shorter but I know I can grow more as my plates are still active,
Thanks in advance.

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Military huh? I doubt that stack would suffice. I would add tren, as much GH as possible and insulin to the mix. Growth plates closing is a myth just like hypogonadism. Adults make that shit up to scare children.


you f–king with him right???


Yeah I think he’s trolling.


just checking kinda had me wondering


It’s hilarious to hear a guy who is 125 lbs say ‘I’ve got a solid understanding of how bulking works.’ If you know how to do it, then why haven’t you… done it? WITHOUT STEROIDS you could easily put on 30 lbs in the next 6 months, with a lot of it being muscle. I did it at your age.

It’s pretty clear you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re basically guaranteed to fuck something up, and end up with severe sexual dysfunction, among other things. I can promise you this. You’re gonna hate yourself for doing this.

And nobody is going to give an 18 year old 125 lbs guy any more steroid advice than what I’ve said. I’m being nice to you here. If I was an asshole, I would tell you how to run a steroid cycle.


Maybe that should tell you something about yourself…


Troll or not, why the fuck would adding mass help with any military fitness joining selection progress…

All your hard work is gonna be gone within the first few weeks of limited rations, sleep deprevation and endurance cardio everyday!

How do I know this? Becuase I sucked at the british Royal Marine PRMC after being a gym rat for years prior lol!

All you need to do is shit loads of cardio of all kind, bodyweight exercises and a little compound lifting…


yes in the united states, Marines are different they are bad ass people


you started it
,sas are wussies to seals


You’ve not even enlisted yet. Why do you think you know more than people who have served? I was in the army. It is exactly like andy described:



20 characters and stuff…


in case you are not TROLL
does not matter whose military you are in
instructors do not care how much you lift
all they care about is can you carry your gear
can you pass the P.T. test
you are going to
run,pullups,pushups,rucking,carry things
if you do not train for this with out roids how the hell do you think you will succed


maybe you need to talk to them

the point is any body who knows what they are doing are not going to tell you how to do [quote=“random8889, post:23, topic:216353”]
He didn’t skip lower day

you should not skip lower day either
sprints,what ever distance your pt test is ,burpees, squats with a backpack


flipcollar already gave you advice with this cycle: take the money you’re planning to spend on steroids, spend it all on extra steaks and vegetables instead, eat them, and actually start lifting some weights while you’re at it. It is very rare for one to lift weights regularly, eat a bunch of steaks and vegetables, and come away with zero gains. The problem is that most people can’t even get those basic steps correct. Let’s play two of our favorite forum games with the skinny-kid-that-can’t-gain-weight threads:

  1. What, exactly, did you eat yesterday? And was that representative of a normal day?

  2. What, exactly, has your training been for the past week? And is that representative of a normal week?


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OP if want to do something foolish/overnight gainzz forget gear and do this instead…

eat evryhting thats not tied down including the odd bit of junk until you hit say 165, at 18 you should get there pretty damn fast


? brain fart ,or which is it ?


I did it when I was 18.


maybe i am miss understanding ,at 1 point he says he is 18
at another point it appears he says he is 16