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18 One Good Year Training

I am still nowhere near my goal which is 170, here I’m 145

another pic

one more

Not too bad, got any before pics. What are you lifting numbers and stats?

You look incredible for 145. When you mean one year good training, is that one year of strict diet/training on top of previous years of regular training/diet? how tall are you also? 5’ 6"?

Great job. The juxtaposition of your baby face alongside the ripped body is a little weird though. :slight_smile:

Forgot to add, what’s your diet, training, height, etc?

I’m actually 5’9", but yeah I’ve been going to the gym since 16 but I would say I’ve been actually training meaning dieting and hard exercise for about a year now

Oh and my numbers are
Squat - 245
Bench - 195
Deadlift - 265 ( just started doing these though)

Are your legs big too? Because at 145 you look pretty good. 6 points from me.