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18 on GH. Adding Prop and Dbol


I've heard good things about short cycles (ratio of sides to gains). I have 5 kits of GH right now. IGF-1, gear, and nolva are all on the way. Iâ??m not going to use it all at once obviously, just packin the fridge full for future use.

Weeks 1-6 100 mg prop eod or split ed
Weeks 1-4 Dbol (20,30,30,40)

Nolva for 3-4 weeks. Maybe throw in some clom to speed up recovery. I can get Arimidex if I need it.

Been on GH following somewhat of a BBB protocol totaling 49 iu's every 3 weeks. Entering 3rd week. It's legit, kigtropin, started sub q, went to IV, now IMing. Maybe itâ??s my natural GH and test levels, but my physique seems to be favoring a change towards mesomorphism (im bulking now, everytime I put on weight the fat seems to drop off during my off day leaving me lean despite my rather large intake of food. I have never been able to stay so lean on a bulk before. I will up my calories on cycle.

Everyone has read their share of annoying blogs about hesitant youngsters regarding their cycles. I will record the details and results of my cycle in an attempt to answer a lot of nervous/curious bodybuilder's questions without ambiguity (you know those "will this stunt my growth", "will my head get big while my arms get long? etc type questions). That's what I was wondering when I decided to commit to this, never had those questions answered, so I'll have to do it myself.

I train 4-6 times a week. Intuitively, so I'm not going to post a split.
I am fresh 18, 5 "7, training since I was 13, use high intensity (lifts can be as short as 30 mins), 175lbs, BF is your guess based on avatar.

Diet is painfully clean. 700+ carbs from brown rice, lentils, oats, and whole grain bread. protein is over 1.5 grams per pound. Caloric totals between 4500 and 5000.

This is my first cycle. I was going to use test E for 10 weeks solo, but I don't want to go longer than 6 weeks, which lead me to prop. I thought dbol would be a good kickstart (yes, despite all the warnings you veterans give regarding Dbol and first timers.)

I will start when my stuff arrives in a week (around week 4 of the GH). Hopefully this gathers some interest and support in the meantime.

btw my username was a mistake, i thought that was the password box lol


Look into t3


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What can you say in regards to the different methods you used for injection of the GH? Did the results/sides vary?
How many units of the GH are you using on non-consecutive days?
I am also following BBB's protocol injecting IM.
Did you not come across pain in the ass fatigue? I am still getting that 3 months in.


Bahahahahahahahaha. You were really selling me on your maturity until the line:

Hilarious. I'm not flaming, and I'm sorry I can't offer anything constructive. I just think that's possibly the funniest thing I've seen online in the past week.

  1. I have T3. Can you explain why I would want to add it to my cycle? I am reluctant to add something that needs to be tapered so sensitively, Especially since I have a history with stims.

EDIT: I was confusing T3 with Clenbuterol

  1. Feel free to tell me exactly why this might be a poor idea, BBB, but based off of my research the most important thing about dosing GH seems to be creating spikes in bursts, and not dosing at a time that would suppress my advantageous natural levels (at night). You posted this as an example, you made it for one of your clients, I believe. Your total was 78iu's for 3 weeks; as I am in my first month, I decreased the amount by about 40% and changed the spread slightly.

Day 1: 2 x 2.5iu spread throughout the day.
Day 2: Nothing
Day 3: nothing
Day 4: 2 x 3iu spread
Day 5: Nothing
Day 6: 2 x 2.5 iu spread
Day 7: Nothing
Day 8: Nothing
Day 9: Nothing
Day 10: 2 x 4iu spread
Day 11: Nothing
Day 12: 3 x 2 iu spread
Day 13: Nothing
Day 14: 2 x 2.5iu
Day 15: Nothing
Day 16: Nothing
Day 17: 2 x 4 iu spread
Day 18: Nothing
Day 19: Nothing
Day 20: 2 x 3iu spread.
Day 21: nothing.

I prefer not to inject over twice a day. Sometimes I put it all in one in my morning shot. My main concern in the long run is an effect on insulin sensitivity, but then again, that's not as bad as agro, which I disregarded. If I don't see any pros, I see a few possibilities: 1. My GH levels are naturally through the roof and I am a fool. 2. My gear is bunk. 3. My GH is high, and I might benefit (induce hyperplasia) by simply replacing it with IGF-1, or upping the GH.

  1. I have no sides yet, no lethargy, only fat mobilization and a more pleasing appearance. Could be form the GH or not idk. I will be quick to post any sides/yields however.

  2. It was a genuine accident, and happened to be my master password, which I changed before posting my excuse for having such a childish name. I would much rather my username was BBWLoveJones

Thanks for the input.


I see.
You did not comment on the different injection methods, IM, IV and subQ.
What one do you think was the best or were they equal?


Sorry, I realized I hadn't answered your question just as I was pinning. Here is my limited experience with the three methods.

  1. Subq- I was new to subq and loved it because u cant miss. Unfortunately, I am confident that it is ineffective for stimulating hyperplasia on a large scale.I DID SEE LOCAL FAT LOSS

  2. I listened to BBB and IVed. Logic can explain that if the desired result is to create a spike in GH levels, IV is the obvious way to go as far as speed and availability is concerned. Even junkies know that. I switched after missing a shot.

  3. IM is the next best thing, so I did it. I am completely new to IMing and managed to slide a pin between my anterior and medial. Luckily, GH is a rather forgiving substance, and there was zero pain during the shot.


IM is commonly used because even though many of us can pull of an IV shot, eventually you miss (unless you're BBB) which is more worrisome than threatening with GH


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Thank you BBB, your input is greatly appreciated.

I will spread my dosing out more.

And I already cut carbs under 5 grams after 7 pm, creating a 13-14 hour period without them.


Today I added 50mcg pre and 50mcg post workout of Igtropin. Normally I would spread it out a little bit more throughout the day, but I only have bact water at this point, which degrades IGF-1 at a phenomenal rate from what I hear. Apparently acetic acid would be a better choice.

As for the cycle, it will not begin until next week, because I decided it is best to run Arimidex throughout, which has not arrived yet.


I am starting the Prop tonight, 100mg eod. Dbol at 20mg starts tomorrow. I figured I might as well start the Prop tonight since technically it will only become active about the same time I take my first dose of dbol (plus I bought a bunch of extra prop). I am splitting the dbol into 4 5mg doses with one right before bed.

This is week four on GH for me. I simplified the posted dosing into 6iu e3d. I am upping it to 9iu e3d tomorrow when I dose. If anyone thinks I should bump it up let me know. Using GH economically is not a priority.

The IGF-1 is pretty nice. I am almost positive that Igtropin is underdosed by design because they recommend a dose of 66-120mcg daily. I think it is because they know a vial only last 24 hours once reconstituted with BA. Preworkout it gives me huge pumps that are more fun than anything. I am pretty sold on the idea of IGF-1 primarily inducing local growth, so I do bilateral spot injections preceding my post-workout meal.

Singhbuilder: I literally spent half of last week sleeping. Could be from GH/IGF-1... or my nice new blanket. hehe

No sides, no significant fatloss


Lots of posts by me (to an empty room perhaps)

Started the prop yesterday and the dbol today spread out 20mg in 4 doses. Quad shot of the prop. Didn't blow enough air into the vial (I am terrible with those 3ml IM syringes) drew up a short amount of test, tried again and ended up with a little mess before I had the right amount. Novice error never again! I probably lost about 10-15 mg.

Anyway I was pleasantly surprised that despite dragging the needle on the way out (pulled out slowly), injecting in about 10 sec, and shaking a little, I wasn't sore at all today. My quad feels a little bruised.

Has anyone ever had painless prop before? In a virgin quad?


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I have had some painless prop. It varies brand to brand.


Hey man, just curious if you have injected prop SQ into belly fat as well and if you experienced pain from that? When you say your upper thigh skin, do you mean literally just skin or is there some fat there too (that might be a dumb question, sorry if it is!).

If I'm reading it right, the upper thigh skin was painless while the other SQ injection sites arent and wondering why that might be!


Got to make sure you got some thin stuff. Mine is very thin, I could probably put it through a 28g.

Technically, it would absorb slower, but I guess it would not matter unless it was suspension.


Thanks, I was beginning to wonder if I was shooting EVO or something.

Tons of places I read about prop or quad shots people bitch about not being able to train its so bad. Lucky me.


Are you experiencing any gyno from the GH? My nips are SO puffy, no hard lumps underneath but they are very puffy.
It could be from Trib mind you, BBB? VT? Any idea of how to combat it? Im guessing if its from the Trib nolva will help but if its GH gyno im lost.

EDIT: Sorry I shouldnt have called it 'gyno' as there is no breast tissue present, just mad pain-in-the-ass-cant-wear-white-tshirt puffiness.


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