18 Months...Fatgirl to Strong Woman

I still have a lot of work to do. Left pic is April 2015, middle is May 2016 before I fell in love with bodybuilding and right is first of October 2016. I went from fasting glucose numbers of 368 to 85 an A1C of almost 15 to right under 6. Cholesterol is now optimal with an HDL (good cholesterol) that jumped from 40 to 66. When you stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to work…you get shit done.


VERY impressive and congratulations on the transformation!! You look great!

Great job! Keep up the good work!

Great work. Nevermind bodyfat and muscle, simple health markers and blood results aren’t something most people pay attention to until it’s too late, so good work on getting a handle on those.

Any more details? Total pounds lost? Training/nutrition plan?

I started at 248. I weigh 145 right now. Size 20 to a size 2. At the moment, I’m training 7 days a week…lifting with very little cardio (mostly walking). 3 leg days, 2 back days, chest and arms/shoulders.

Nutrition…I eat clean…6 times a day. Chicken breast, ground turkey breast, white fish, sweet potatoes, quinoa, asparagus, green beans, oats cooked with egg whites, whey & casein protein.

I use creatine, glutamine and BCAA’s


Exellent progress i see this over and over again resistance based program generally, is more effective at body recomp then cardio based.
Great results are you going to compete in anything?