18, Looking to Cycle in Future

I’m 18 years old started lifting at 16 by looking into diet and how to train properly. i have made good gains over past 2 years( first year wasn’t even proper training). I am now 5’10 180 10% body fat and my stats are 290 bench and 455 squat.

I see young bodybuilders like david laid and ryan casey who don’t seem to be natural make awesome gains and are sponsored. I look at their pictures from 1-2 years ago and it looks identical to how i look right now. I am not trying to start a cycle now because i’m still young and have more muscle to gain naturally but my question is about the risk of starting when i am 20-21 to become a pro. I feel like by that time i have got way stronger and built a good base . Or should I wait till 25 but I feel like I will reach my genetic potential earlier than that.

Won’t give you the “don’t do drugs” or “you’re too young” speech. You should know 21 would be too young.

I suggest looking around the training logs of guys going through bodybuilding contest prep and gaining cycles to see how serious people pursue the hobby and try to emulate them.