▶️ 18 Landmine Exercises for a Full Body Workout

Landmine exercises are user-friendly, requiring just a barbell, plates, and a landmine device. If that’s all you had in your home gym, you could easily do a challenging, full-body workout.

This little piece of equipment provides guidance and an ideal movement arc and gives you resistance in multiple planes to build a complete physique.

Merrick Lincoln DPT

00:00 18 Landmine Exercises
00:12 Decline Floor Press
00:24 Incline Floor Press
00:32 Half-Kneeling Press
00:42 Z Press
00:49 Standing Press
00:57 Bent-Over Row
01:05 Kroc Row
01:13 Upright Row
01:20 Meadows Row
01:34 Squat
01:44 Box Squat
01:57 Hack Squat
02:07 Reverse Lunge
02:17 Cossack Squat
02:24 Deadlift
02:39 Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift (RDL)
02:53 Rotations
03:04 Arm Bar

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