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18 Inch Arms


(edit, go to page 9 that's the only pic that counts in this thread)

Well the time has come. It's been a little less than a year and I've added an inch to my arms.

During this time I've gained a decent amount of weight. I weigh 252, not too sure how much I weighed in 2008 but I've gained about 20 lbs since January.

Last year I could curl 135x5 and now that's 155x6. Now although 20 pounds and 1 more rep doesn't seem like too much, considering biceps are a pretty small muscle I think that's a significant amount of gain.

I also added 30 pounds to my CGP. I'm just pissed at myself for letting things "go" for a few months last year where I could've been dedicating myself to lifting.

Now that I have my training under control I think another inch is not going to be too far off. I actually think bringing them from 18-19 is going to be easier than this 17-18 because a) I no longer party (much), b) I have access to more quality foods, and c) my drive is just that much greater.

I hope to keep the age to bicep size ratio 1:1 for as long as I can too as I'm still 18 years old.

So has anyone else from last year blasted their arms to 18 inches?




Way to go Austin! That's an achievement right there! Keep up the good work buddy, you will have a great physique sooner than you think.


I need my mom to snap some shots of my because throwing the camera on the bathroom counter and setting the timer doesn't give my the best photo lol. Also don't mind my "morning" face and the fact that my skin looks as though it has never seen the sun. THank God for summer.


Thanks Bud


Haha, just stumbled over your 17 inch thread, read it, and now this one pops out.

How do you work your arms?


Dude great work...You look huge,keep up the good work..Guys like you are the perfect example of bulking to get huge....


Nice job dude! I'm interested to see how long it'll take you to get to 19". Good luck.


Good work, man. I doubt you'll have much trouble getting past 19.


18" is the benchmark for decent genetics (in my opinion). If you can get there relatively lean with a decent shape to them, you can probably go as far as you please if you put the time in.


a_b -- GREAT WORK!!! Awesome progress for sure.


I hit triceps/shoulders on Thursday and Biceps on Fridays.

I train each muscle once a week and never leave any gas in the tank. I do lots of heavy bb/db curls, cgp/smith cgp, preacher curls, french presses. I change things up often, but always leave the basics (barbell curls and close grip bench).

The keys to getting big arms or any muscle as I've learned, (and I am no where near big yet lol) are,

-Eat lots of proteins and anything for that matter. Take in more calories than you burn, leaving your muscles plenty of nutrients to use in order to repair them once you've damaged them. Your body doesn't want big muscles so if you eat only as much as you burn, your body would much rather use those nutrients to pump blood throughout your body and perfrom other vital functions than to build muscle.

-Always strive to improve. Either add a rep, add weight, even if it's only 2.5 pounds it add up over time. If you add one pound a week for a year that's 52 pounds of added weight to the bar in a year. That will give you some tremendous gains.

-Most importantly, believe in yourself and you will accomplish your goals.


Damn man you're blowin by everyone, great job. Fuck you're gonna have 20's by the time I have 17's.. I fuckin suck.


how big are your forearms?


Ohh it's the fucking stretch marks that are going to be killer for me dude. You're a strong bastard yourself, I'm sure you'll have the 18's in no time and probably be leaner the me :wink:.


A little over 14".


Damn son. Nice.


My biceps are covered in stretch marks...most of them from the first 3 years of training. They fade in time but you can still see them in sunlight.


I also think height has to be taken into account. 18's for myself or AB I think would come easier than someone of average height.

Not taking away from his progress, though. 18" at 18 is bigger than any 18 year old I ever hung out with.


Mine popped out of no where a few months ago, probably when I really started to get serious. I have some on my chest by my arm pit area. Ones really deep, kind of looks cool.

Anyways although they're not too aesthitically pleasing, if you have some muscle on you they're a sure sign that you have put some decent work in under the iron, so I don't mind them much.