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18 Inch Arms 2

Yoooooo, been busting my ass, and have laid low for a while, but since I am here and the other thread reached it’s limits, let’s band together and post up the guns. Progress is the name of the game!

And here is a 2.75 year progress pic. Leaning up as we speak.

[quote]austin_bicep wrote:

you made me LOL again

Damn man, good progress. Must be nice to get bigger arms as you cut. I just lost an inch going from 220 to 210 (probably more than I should have) so I’m going to duck out on this one. Plus I don’t own a camera.

fucking sick shit. that is all.

I feel so unclean after watching that :confused:

Good stuff, austin!
You’re almost like waylander in that you don’t disappoint.

What’s with the hat, though?

You could teach Scooby a thing or two :wink:

Sorry if you are the wrong poster but didn’t you regularly post that you wanted to be a pro IFBB, compete in the O/ win the O and also be a top PLer?

How are things going with that? Are you planning on going the assisted route soon? Have you done many BB & PL comps so far?

[quote]austin_bicep wrote:
And here is a 2.75 year progress pic. Leaning up as we speak.


This is the kind of picture that needs to find its way around the net more often. I feel like this is a VERY accurate representation of what 3 years of hard, diligent work can get you. Congrats man, you took the ball and ran with it and now you have the results everyone else talks about.

Another 3 years = Beast in the making.

You should’ve done the V diet and done that transformation in 30 days. Only kidding :wink: Awesome stuff, good to see someone with muscle posting pics/vid for a change.

Great job, man.

great progress Austin. Working towards the 18’s so I’ll just give my compliment and bow out till that happens.

Appreciate it guys.

Fatty - I don’t think I want to go anywhere near scooby even though I have 0 idea who he is …lol…And thanks man, hard work is paying off, but my dude Way is miles ahead of me.

Apocolypse, I have no desire anymore to go down that route, I realize that was just some kids pipe dream that would never come true. Don’t have the genetics to look like a pro and would also not want to live the lifestyle. As far as drugs, no plan for a cycle any time soon, not against, just not right now.

I am currently powerlifting, eating clean, working all muscles but more explosive and heavy training, goal is lean, strong, athletic and fast.

I have been boxing as well and running quite a bit both jogs and sprints.

Thanks again guys, taking everything one step at a time, and hey my arms may not even tape 18 inches, idk but they look the best they’ve ever looked and that is the goal.

Damn son! Lookin good my man… What’s the weight difference between those two pics? How tall are you?

Thanks Greg.

I am just under 6’2" 213-215 in the AM, trying to lose some more…

My heaviest I was 255-260

[quote]Swolegasm wrote:
I feel so unclean after watching that :/[/quote]


[quote]austin_bicep wrote:


thanks for the response, makes sense. Have looked at your log, excellent strength for your age, particularly your bench given your height and relatively low BW. Good stuff.

Well, given the nature of the thread, I’ll bite.

I have 18+ inch arms but am obviously fat…

…for now.

I just wanted to try the austin-bicep pose…

I think I’ll keep it.

[quote]Maiden3.16 wrote:
I just wanted to try the austin-bicep pose…

I think I’ll keep it.