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18, First Cycle Help


200 lbs
15% BF
Bench: 225
Squat: 305
Strict: 135
Dead: 425

Planning on running 100 mg test e twice a week then for PCT I am not sure on the dosage I know I need something on hand to treat gyno if that becomes a problem what are your guys recommendations and what should my dosages be. Also If I were to cruise would I have to PCT.

(don’t tell me im too young fuck off I know what im doing to my endocrine system)



Does one have to fuck off if he/she tells you that you’re too weak and chubby to be thinking about a first cycle?

If it’s a “yes, please fuck off as well”, consider for a moment that you’ve just told 100% of the people who you should be taking advice from, to fuck off.


Mane you have at least half a decade of natty gains to go.

Unless you have high aspirations ASAP e.g. being hoooge as fuck and out angling Phil Heath or getting strong as fuck to compete there’s no rush.


Nice meme brah, did you take the time to meme this yourself or did you find it?


Okay I apologize I should have worded that better but all i’m saying is I plan on competing and there is no way in hell I could even get on the stage with the way these guys look and I don’t think I’m chubby 15% is the highest my body fat has been since I started lifting at 16 but that is because I started cutting yesterday. I’m usually around 10 to 12 and have very visible abs, granted your idea of 15 percent may be different from mine because they vary so much but I assure you I am considered by the average gym goer very fit . So with that being said I understand your concerns but I am making this decision myself and would like as much advice on how to do this safely as I can get. That does not mean people telling me not to because you are wasting your time. I have been set on this since I was 17 and I am aware of all risks I am taking.


6 days ago:







Seriously Jim, you seem like a… “nice” guy…


ok, maybe not nice… you seem like a “guy”. Who has been dedicated to something for a very short time. I know it feels like you have been lifting your whole life. Do yourself a favor… give your 25 yr old self the opportunity to make this decision, instead of the 18 yr old you. Best of luck; your transformation up to this point (at least what you posted) is awesome. I wish I had made those kind of changes when I was 16 instead of later in life. Good luck sir.

Risks? I am aware of all risks I am taking - History guy


Cool memes man still didn’t answer any questions and yeah I was finishing up two months worth of bulking 6 days ago and started cutting yesterday I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep bulking or try and shed some body fat but I decided I want to stay as lean as possible and I have put on more fat than I wanted to so I’m going to get back to a leaner look and then start bulking again with a much smaller surplus and healthier food. Glad you could take the time to make all those memes and go through my old post but you can’t just help me with the cycle.


Pretty much sums up your effort here.

You’re simply not ready and no one on this forum is going to enable you in good conscience.

Lack of response from the most knowledgeable posters is telling. They are sick of “first teen cycle” posts every week.

If you don’t intend to listen to the collective wisdom and experience that’s on you and we’ll have no part in it (except maybe in ten years when you post again about how fucked up your body is).


I’ll give you an analogy.

You go put NOS in your car. You know it makes your car faster when you hit the button, but you also know that there is a ‘right’ time to hit the NOS. You wouldn’t do it in 2nd gear. Now it will make you a bit quicker in 2nd gear and it’s tempting as fuck to hit it because it will get make a bit of a difference, but you know you should save it for when you are in your top gear and you know the finish line is not far off. Not only is it more effective at this point, but it’s also safer as there are no more gears you have to shift through.

Right now Jim, you are in 2nd gear. You haven’t stopped growing naturally, your hormones from puberty are still raging and you are going to make stupid mistakes. The reason why no one here will support you isn’t because we want to drag you down, it’s because we know that you still have so many more gears to go through before the NOS will work perfectly for you.

I disagree with this comment. I think even if you are destined to become the next Olympia Champ, you should always try to squeeze out those natty gains till at least early to mid 20’s.

One day I hope you will see our reasoning, and for your sake, I hope it’s sooner rather than later. Good luck mate.


Thanks Jimmy! You don’t mind if I call you Jimmy, do ya?

Yep. Tons. Of. Time. Interestingly you have expressed more thanks for that tiny chunk of my time than you have for the other posters in this thread, who gave you, from the looks of things, much more of their time and energy.

Jimmy, there is a HYUUUGE difference between CAN’T and WON’T. Perhaps you are unaware.

Given your poor sentence structure and aversion to using a period (you know, one of these---->. They are used to indicate a complete thought/sentence, which you seem to be in short-supply of!): I can’t say I’m suprised.

I think you meant posts, of which there aren’t many.

It is called research. Or background-knowledge (also in short supply on your end). If you had done the same to my posts, you would have noticed that I don’t normally post or create memes. This thread is actually the first time for me.

What can I say, I was putting my thoughts in a format that I thought you might be able to comprehend. Call it “Playing to your audience”.

I’ll say it again, Jimmy: Good luck; you have made great progress so far. I hope KSman isn’t trying to decipher your labs for you in 4 years!


As someone who has advised young lifters, I highly recommend you hold off on antibiotics for at least another six years.

The question to ask isn’t what your first cycle should be at this age. The question to ask is why do you feel the need to use anabolics when your body is still growing?

Time and again I have seen young men who have everything going in their favor ruin their endocrine system and stunt their natural growth and talent.

Please, take a moment and try to figure out how you can move forward in a more natural way. Get to know the good guys on this board, get to know the good sources, get to know the good cycles. But get to know your own body before you do any of this.


Anabolics. Not antibiotics. Damn autocorrect.


Being ‘aware’ of and ‘understanding’ are two TOTALLY different things.

When I was 18, I was ‘aware’ of the fairer sex. I’m now 43 and I just about ‘understand’ them.

Seriously mate, just because you read on paper what the potential side-effects may be and you said to yourself ‘shit I can handle that in a trade of to get huge’, DOESN’T equate to a full understanding of what it’s like to be a bald, impotent adult male with jiggly boobs.